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Traumatology and orthopaedics

In Latvia the fields of traumatology and orthopaedics are rich in a tradition that was already well established during the Soviet period. The Latvian Research and Development Institute of Traumatology and Orthopaedics was one of the leading hospitals, one which performed parallel surgery and research on a daily basis. When Latvia regained its independence, the doctors of this institute were provided with long internship in joint endoprosthetics in the United States, at Yale University, guided by Professor Kristaps Keggi.

In 1990, the institute carried out its first knee joint arthroscopic surgery (under Professor Bertrams Zariņš, Harvard University, USA). Professors Keggi and Zariņš ensured the retraining in the best US clinics of the leading Latvian traumatologists and orthopaedists.

Today the field of traumatology and orthopaedics in Latvia offers accurate diagnostics using premium class technologies involving three tesla magnetic resonance imaging machines, multilayer computed tomography, and digital X-rays and ultrasonic examinations on joints, plus there are a wide range of surgery and rehabilitation programmes available. Latvia’s leading orthopaedists specialise in traumatology, orthopaedics, sports traumatology, spinal surgery, rheumatology, diagnostic radiology, and clinical trials.

The majority of surgery in Latvia is carried out using the arthroscopic method.

Arthroscopy is one of the components of modern endoscopic medicine. It is used to treat joint diseases and traumas. Arthroscopies are carried out on knees, shoulders, feet, elbows and hip joints. Following an arthroscopy, patients do not need to stay in hospital for long periods of time; such surgery is usually carried out without the need for overnight care at a hospital. Arthroscopy is a low-traumatic method of surgical treatment and, therefore, the post-operative period is much more pleasant for patients.

Latvia also offers endoprosthetics. Modern endoprosthetic technologies are very diverse and not only prevent pain very effectively, but also achieve the restoration of a useful level of function, the restoration of strength of extremities , and the normal scope of movements in one’s limbs, as well as ensuring the long service of an implant. Endoprosthetics encompasses the separation of a damaged joint and its replacement with artificial joint surfaces (made of metal, polyethylene, or ceramic). The most frequent types of endoprostheses involve the knee and hip joints, but shoulder, foot, elbow, palm and finger joints can also be implanted. After such surgery, patients can usually carry out their normal daily activities, and also return to heavy physical work and amateur sporting activities.

One of the clinics that offers high-level traumatological and orthopaedic treatment is the ORTO Clinic of Orthopaedics, Sports Traumatology and Spine Surgery (hereinafter referred to as the Orto Clinic), in which consultations and treatment are provided by Latvia’s leading traumatologists and orthopaedists. It is a certified outpatient and inpatient health care facility which has been operating in Latvia for five years. Currently the Orto Clinic is continuing to provide its services from brand new premises*, which include a new clinic that was created in line with the highest of modern standards of excellence. For many years the Orto Clinic has been gaining the good will of patients and is proving that Latvia can have an effective clinic that is available to everyone. Patients who suffer domestic trauma are treated here, alongside professional athletes. Its cooperative partners of many years are the Latvian Olympic Unit, as well as a good many Latvian sports teams. The clinic carries out more than a thousand different arthroscopic surgeries each year. The Orto Clinic offers a customised approach for each patient in order to achieve the best solution for every individual.

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ORTO Clinic is the only and most modern private clinic in the Baltic States specializing in: traumatology, orthopaedics, spine surgery, rheumatology, sport’s medicine.
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