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Travel with electric cars in Latvia

Currently, electric car charging in Latvia is possible in the network of “e-mobi” electric car charging stations established by "Road Traffic Safety Directorate” (CSDD), as well as in “Elektrum” charging stations installed by Latvenergo AS.

Information on the exact locations of “e-mobi” network charging stations, payment procedures and tariffs is available at The charging station map works online, where the information is regularly updated and supplemented.

Also information about “Elektrum” charging stations, their locations and payment procedures is available at

In parallel with the above-mentioned charging options, the Association “Zero emission mobility support society” (BIMAB; maintains and regularly updates the map with additional charging options in the territory of Latvia.

It can be accessed via the link:

There are also some shopping centers (for example, IKEA, Akropole, Ozols, Spice, Alfa, etc.), as well as other companies that offer recharging services to their customers.

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