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Vegan friendly cafes in Riga

You don’t have to be vegan to opt for a vegan meal. It is an opportunity for everyone to try new dishes and enjoy new tastes! We have made a list of 7 sites in Riga, which we recommend to visit.

“MiiT Coffee”

Ēdiens kafejnīcā

On weekdays, MiiT Coffee offers a hearty breakfast enjoyed on-site or as take-away, with a selection of sub sandwiches, filled pita bread, and pastries. The café is preferred by employees of nearby offices - the lunch menu changes every working day, offering new dishes and tastes. And don’t forget about the coffee! It is absolutely great at “MiiT Coffee”!

Meet up in the evening to enjoy a vegan or vegetarian meal for dinner or have a cup of coffee and dessert.

Should you ask, what is Miit Coffee’s most purchased snack, well, it’s Snickers!


“Kozy Eats”

Kozy Eats kafejnīca

 "Kozy Eats" is a relatively new place in Riga, which has quickly won the hearts of vegetarians. Here you will find plant pots all around the café along with veggies on your plate. Besides your dish, another important aspect is also the dining experience and ambience.

“Kozy Eats” is a place to take a vegan sceptic too, because their local hit is the burrito, which will win a sceptic over from the very first bite! But you will also find a variety of snacks, wraps, bowls, burgers and pastries on their menu, which will not leave you disappointed. As regards desserts, the favourite choice by customers is the vegan “non-honey” cake. 



Terapija kafejnīca

According to “Terapija”, their menu is 110% vegan! “Terapija” serves true comfort food, which has been the goal of the café’s founders – to show that vegetarian food can be simple, delicious and accessible. French chop (soy), vegan salmon sandwiches line up on the menu, along with vegan hotdogs. These dishes will be a pleasant surprise to regular meat-eaters.

Choose “Terapija” whenever you are in the mood for a cake or dessert. We recommend the Napoleon or fake honey cake served with a soft drink or beverage made at a local cider house or brewery. 


“2 eat”

These authentically prepared Israeli dishes were initially available at various outdoor fairs and events since they started out as a pop-up café. Now, “2 eat” dishes have found their home in the centre of Riga, where you can taste oriental flavours.

Israeli cuisine is unimaginable without falafel and hummus, which are available in many different variations - served in pita bread, lavash, on a plate and even as a falafel waffle. Combined with a variety of fresh, pickled vegetables and dressings, they will be a real taste experience. To satisfy your sweet tooth, you will never lose if you choose the oriental highlight – baklava.



Ēdiens un kafejnīca Rīgā

Pizza and cheese are inseparable. And although it might come as a surprise to you, cheese can be made from products other than farm animal milk. The Innocent Café, known for its variety of breakfast dishes, desserts and coffee drinks, has now become a popular place to enjoy pizza. There are several pizzas on their menu which are topped with the LifeTree vegan cheeses made in Latvia. Sounds too good to be true? LifeTree makes cheeses from cashews and almonds.



“Laims” offers vegan dishes - varied, delicious and rich in nutrients. It’s a fact that a plant-based diet sets one’s creativity free, experimenting with different vegetables and berries that are full of vitamins. The menu of café “Laims” is extensive, offering snacks, soups and salads, along with hearty main courses such as burgers and pasta. To supplement your meal, order the kombucha made by “Laims”!

According to the founders of the café, a plant-based diet contributes not only to human health, but the entire environment around us. This is why the café tries to minimise waste, and the kitchen works according to zero waste principles.


“Green Burger”

Ēdiens un kafejnīca Rīgā

Hungry locals and guests of Pārdaugava may head straight to the “Green Burger”! The main course of the recently opened fast food restaurant is vegan burgers called vurgers. Indeed, being a vegetarian isn’t just about eating plain lettuce. “Green Burger” offers 5 different vurgers - green, falafel, crispy “chicken”, non-beef and veg patty burger. The founders of the restaurant have also paid special attention to drinks - instead of classic soft drinks, you can choose, for example, nettle or dandelion root tea or herbal milkshakes with fruits and berries.


At present, it is no longer difficult for vegans and others to find a place to eat - most cafés and restaurants offer designated vegan menus or have included at least some vegan dishes in their offer. Choose from the many vegan cafés in Riga and enjoy your meal!

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