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What to do outside Riga, when the weather is less than delightful?

We are often not pampered by the weather on holidays, and we have to look for ways to entertain ourselves and our loved ones even in adverse weather conditions. However, the weather is definitely not an obstacle to exploring Latvia - even in rainy weather, there are quite a few activities in Latvia to enjoy, objects to see and things to explore!

Munchausen Museum for incredible adventures

Minhauzena muzejs

The Munchausen Museum is located in Dunte, Liepupe municipality. In the Munchausen Museum you can get acquainted with the unbelievable and funny stories about the incredible adventures of Colonel Hieronymus Karl Friedrich Baron von Munchausen. It was at Dunte Manor that Baron and his wife spent the most beautiful and adventurous years of their lives.

Munchausen's unlimited imagination and intriguing personality have given writers and playwrights the impetus to envelop his name with fascinating legends that can be explored at the Munchausen Museum.


Līgatne cellar caves and rocks to hide from the rain

Līgatnes alas un klintis

There are more than 300 artificial caves in Līgatne, which surprise by their shapes and twists and turns - there you can feel like a researcher and explore each of them! Walking through the caves of Līgatne cellar caves and resting your hands against their sandy walls, you can imagine how the ancient inhabitants once wandered the paths of these underground labyrinths.

Long, long time ago, the inhabitants of Līgatne stored various food products in these caves, because the temperature of the caves was constant, allowing to keep the products fresh longer. The locals dug the first cellar caves around 1770. It is recommended to visit the caves with a guide, which can be booked at the Līgatne Tourism Information Centre.


Learn about expressionism at the Mark Rothko Art Center

Marka Rotko muzejs Daugavpilī

Daugavpils Mark Rothko Art Center is a multifunctional centre of contemporary art, culture and education in Daugavpils Fortress, in the historical artillery arsenal building. It is the only place in Eastern Europe where it is possible to get acquainted with the original works of the world-famous American artist Mark Rothko, the founder of abstract expressionism and colour space painting. In addition to getting to know the art, the museum building itself is interesting to see - its construction was completed in 1833.


Livu water park for fun in the water

Līvu akvaparks Jūrmalā

Livu water park is located in Jurmala, next to Lielupe. It is one of the largest water parks in Northern Europe - the total area of the water park is 18,000 m2. In total, the water park has more than 20 different slides, 10 pools and many other attractions. For the convenience of visitors, the water park is divided into several zones - slides and water attractions, recreation area for families with children, as well as SPA area, so each guest of the water park will find exactly the most suitable type of water recreation.


Cesis castle complex, where you can learn about history

Cēsu pils komplekss

The Cēsis Castle complex with its historically romantic environment has a special charm for both Cēsis residents and the city guests. More than ten centuries of Latvian cultural history meet here, each with its own time, historical aura and message for the present and the future.

The historical story of the Latvian national flag can also be found here, and a collection of historical materials can be viewed. The museum also offers exploratory and interactive activities!


Aglona Bread Museum for a warm and delicious day

Aglonas maizes muzejs

The Aglona Bread Museum is a private museum and the only bread museum in the Baltics. It is located in Aglona, and the museum owner and guide Vija Kudiņa introduces the museum guests to the traditions of growing cereals and making bread.

The special hospitality of Latgale can be felt in all its glory in this museum - here it is possible to become a part of the real life of Latgalians, because the guide also speaks Latgalian. The process of making bread is especially interesting for children, allowing them to understand how the bread, which parents bring to the table every day, is made.


Go medieval at the Ventspils Livonian Order Castle

Livonijas ordeņa pils Ventspilī

The Livonian Order Castle, which houses the Ventspils museum since 2001, is the oldest surviving building in Ventspils - it was built in the second half of the 13th century. The museum has a permanent exposition dedicated to the history of the castle, the city, port and Ventspils region, as well as a digital exposition “Living History”.

The exposition is located in the tower of the castle, on the 5th floor there is also a tele-panorama, and on the 1st floor of the castle, where you can see a grand mantle chimney and a museum education center with interactive activities for children and young people, as well as adults. Ventspils Livonian Order Castle is a great place to explore and enjoy the medieval aura!


Bauska Motor Museum for lovers of machinery

Bauskas motormuzejs

Retro vehicles and exciting stories will give fulfillment even on the rainiest day! The branch of the Riga Motor Museum in Bauska delights visitors with a wide exposition and detailed stories about each car. The museum's exposition includes vehicles from Latvia from 1920 to 1990, Soviet-era all-wheel drive cars, equipment in the Latvian countryside from 1920 to 1990, as well as military equipment from the Second World War. The cosy rooms and exposition of the museum allow you to discover different decades and see what vehicles have been once driven by us and our relatives.


Skrīveri “Gotiņa” candy factory for a sweet holiday

Skrīveru Gotiņa ražotne, ekskursija

In 1957, “Skrīveru pārtikas kombināts” was the first in Latvia to start producing the legendary milk candy “Gotiņa”. At present, it is possible to get acquainted with the history of one of the most popular candies in Latvia and its production technology at the Skrīveri “Gotiņa” candy factory. It is also possible to create your own “Gotiņa” candies with the assistance of a guide, choosing different additives at your own discretion, as well as trying your hand at packing candies.


Energy museum that helps understand how water produces electricity

Enerģētikas muzejs

The Latvenergo Energy Museum is located in Ķegums, next to the Ķegums hydroelectric power plant. The museum's exposition “Development of Electricity in Latvia” tells about the development of the energy sector in Latvia, offering visitors to see various exhibitions both indoors and outdoors. A unique industrial heritage can be seen in the open air - the turbine of the historical Ķegums power plant, the turbine part of Pļaviņas HPP and other technological equipment.

Visitors to the exhibition have access to the mobile app “Energy Museum Mobile Guide”. The mobile app acts as a guide, as the 21 exhibits of the museum's permanent exhibition are supplemented with digital content - historical videos, photographs and interesting facts to enrich the knowledge of museum visitors, allowing them to get to know the exhibition in depth.


Rainy weather is definitely not a reason to stay at home - there are many different places in Latvia to make these days more colourful. Grab an umbrella and go paint the grey days in colour!

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