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What to see and do in the regions of Latvia?

This summer is in full swing and you definitely want to get out of everyday life and explore new places. If you are planning a holiday or vacation in Latvia, we recommend you get acquainted with these places. You will probably find some of these places a novelty.


Wooden Footbridges in the Meadows of the Svēte Floodplain

Svētes paliene

1,6 km of wooden footbridges have been built for peaceful walks in the meadows of the Svēte floodplain. They are connected with three gravel paths and walkways, and in order to promote the diversity of flora, across 1,2 hectares of floodplain meadows, meanders, or wetlands, with various plants such as calamus (Acorus calamus L.), common reed, and purple loosestrife have been created.


Langervalde Forest

Langerveldes mežs

Langervalde Forest used to be a popular place among the locals, and recently a network of paths perfect for walking, jogging, or biking have been created there. It is an opportunity to relax in the fresh air and go for leisurely walks while listening to the sounds of the forest.


The Lime Kiln in the Village of Ceplis


Several centuries ago, an industrial complex with a lime kiln, a brick-kiln, a roof-tile factory, a stove-tile factory, and a glazing workshop was established in the village of Ceplis. Currently, the historic Lime-kiln building is open for viewing. The two floors of this unique industrial building with a massive chimney in its centre can each be accessed; the chimney itself can be looked at from the inside. On the second floor, there is an exhibition room where historical bricks are exhibited. You must book your visit in advance!



Vasenieki Swamp Trail

Vasenieku purva taka

In the Nature Reserve Stikla Bogs, the Vasenieki Swamp Trail with wooden footpaths has been built; there, one can see protected bird species and pristine plants, and can relax while enjoying the unique marsh landscape during the walk along the path. The length of the nature trail is 4 km, and the footpath goes along several beautiful bog lakes.


Kukši Manor

Kukšu muiža

The manor is located near Vēdzele (or Kukšupe), 22 kilometres from Tukums and 10 kilometres from Kandava. The manor is considered to be an outstanding example of Latvian manor architecture. An unforgettable manor atmosphere!


Embūte Nature Park


It is one of the most beautiful and mysterious places in Kurzeme. The valley is considered to be an old, sacred place tied to legends and tales. Two stylized Curonian swords serve as the symbols on both sides of the valley’s entrance gates, creating a mythical and venerable atmosphere. The landscaped nature trail will lead you to various places of interest around the park.



Teirumnieki Bog Trail

Mārcis Gaujenietis

A short but beautiful walk is guaranteed. If you are in Latgale, remember to stop here; there is a foot-bridge trail about 800 meters long, along which you can see the landscape of the raised bog, Lake Teirumnieki, and the vegetation of the bog. 


Juris Krompāns’ Ceramics Workshop


By visiting the ceramist’s workshop located in the Rēzekne region, you can admire the shelves filled with a variety of vases, pots, and other ceramics. The master is not looking to create contemporary ceramics, as he believes that due to fascination with the new and modern, traditions might disappear.


Retro Moto Club “Rūsa vējā” (Rust in the Wind)

Moto klubs

If you like or are interested in motorcycles, then you must see this remarkable collection of retro motorcycles, in which are more than 100 vehicles of different ages, most of which are in working order. The collection is complemented by appropriate attributes and accessories connected with the motorcycles. The owner offers great attractive activities and rides with the retro motorcycles. Visits must be booked in advance!



The Randu Meadows Trail

Randu pļava

The meadow trail leads to the bird-watching tower and to the dune adjacent to the meadows. There are about 600 species in the wide area, including 37 very rare and endangered species in both Latvia and other European countries. You can see coastal meadows with lagoons and reeds from the tower as well.


Cērtene Castle Mound in Smiltene


The castle mound is a good place for leisurely walks and bike rides for two or with family, as well as for history lovers. The walking area is quiet and surrounded by forest. By following the trails and directions, it is possible to see each of the castle mound objects (the sanatorium, amphitheatre, and Priesterkalns) and to reach the picnic area at the foot of the river.


Vijciems Čiekurkalte (Forest Cone Kiln)


If you plan to go to Valka, then we invite you to go to Vijciems cone kiln. Those who are interested can get acquainted with the historical and traditional cone kiln, see the cone-drying equipment, and hear stories related to over-100-year-old traditions.

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