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Bauska Courtyard and Porridge Eating festival

10:00 - 17:00

At the Bauska Courtyard and Porridge Eating festival, you will have an opportunity to explore the Bauska oldtown and taste different flavors of traditional Latvian porridge. Meanwhile, the Town Hall Square, former Bauska central Market Square, will “re-born” as 80 craftsman and traders from all over the country will come to trade in Zemgale’s grand market.

The Courtyard and the Porridge Eating festival was created with the intention to draw societies attention to the cultural heritage in the old town of Bauska, to think about the importance of preserving it, as well as to return its liveliness. Within the festival 20 Courtyards of Bauska old town will open and there are going to be various educational, creative, active and entertaining activities.

Venue name: 
56.410241, 24.185538