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The Fairytale Waking


Fairytale will wake in Tervete Nature Park, as the beginning of May arrives with the sounds of music, dances, and songs of birds. Be a visitor in the Lucky Land filled with colours and scents of spring, picturesque ravines and hills, in the style of Tervete.

Take an exciting walk along the many trails and paths of the Fairytale Forest; find joy in the tallest and oldest pines in the Baltic States, and more than 100 wooden sculptures and formations; visit the Mother Forest, or the kingdom of the Forest King or the Pine Forest Witch.

Fairytale characters of Anna Brigadere will welcome you with merry tests in the Fairytale Forest; you will be met by the Mother Forest, the greatest miser Sikstulis, and the lively Pine Forest Witch.

But on the other side of the Fairytale Forest, in the kingdom of the hard-working dwarves, you will learn the tricks of the small forest dwellers with the dwarf family.

Fairytale Train takes you throw the park and leads you into the kingdom of fairytales faster, so you can see the most popular places of the park: Fairytale Forest, Playground and the Forest of Dwarves.

Venue name: 
Tērvetes dabas parks
Tērvete district, Tērvete parish, Tērvetes sils
AS „ Latvijas valsts meži”
+371 63726212

Free entrance

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