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Midsummer Liigo! festivities at 11.novembra krastmala and at Dzegužkalns


In Riga, riverside, at the 11 Novembra krastmala (11 November Embankment), is where the city-sponsored Līgosim Krastmalā! event offers everyone [opting not to go countryside] the chance to enjoy a programme that is replete with folk singers, dancers, Latvian actors, artists, bands and DJs. The entertainment goes on into the wee hours and visitors can enjoy special foods and bonfires in the heart of the city. Riga-Pardaugava’s Dzegužkalns Park is another setting for the traditional all-night celebration.

All Rigans and visitors to the city are invited to learn how to make your own oak-leaf or flower crown, and take part in the bonfire lighting ritual. Free of charge.

Venue name: 
11. novembra krastmala un Dzegužkalns
11. novembra krastmala un Dzegužkalns, Rīga
56.95014112264933, 24.099917896091938