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Pļaujas svētki Atē


There are two major pilgrimages in Latvia: one takes you to Aglona, and the other to Ate museum of Viktors Ķirps in Kalncempji to learn the virtues of work. Harvest Festival in Ate will help you remember the virtues and customs of work that were cherished by our ancestors.

Harvest Festival in Ate museum of Viktors Ķirps is held every autumn on the second Saturday of September in order to enjoy being together and completing autumn work in the farmstead of Vidzeme region.

Along with the local residents, friends and supporters of the museum you will be able to show various works and crafts done by the Latvian peasants in autumn and everyday life.

You should definitely try threshing and grinding of grain, processing of wool and flax, washing laundry, bread baking and other ancient works and crafts.

When you get tired from doing the ancient work, you will be able to relax by singing, dancing and enjoying the theatre performance. 

Venue name: 
Viktora Ķirpa Ates muzejs
Alūksne district, Kalncempji parish, Viktora Ķirpa Ates muzejs
Viktora Ķirpa Ates muzejs
+371 26563597
57.320712, 26.921987