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IVF Riga Clinic

IVF Riga is the leading infertility treatment and reproductive genetics clinic in Latvia whose mission is infertility diagnosis and treatment, fertility preservation and observation of pregnancy until the baby's birth. Her permanent leader, general director, and also leading specialist in gynecology and reproductive medicine in Latvia is Dr. Violeta Fodina, who has been working in the field of reproductology more than 15 years.

iVF Riga clinic currently combines three modern medical institutions: Infertility Treatment Clinic, Centre for Reproductive Genetics and Centre for Stem Cells, which collects, processes, stores and soon will provide cell therapy.

High standards and the most advanced technologies used in diagnosis and treatment make it possible for patients to achieve their dream – to become happy parents. Our clinic's specialists do their best to improve results for severe anamnesis patients providing the newest innovative methods. iVF Riga offers all kinds of female and male infertility treatments (IUI, IVF, ICSI) for couples and single women in advanced maternal age; can help for the patients with complicated infertility/genetic pathologies; after previous unsuccessful courses of treatment; with recurrent failed implantation; after missed abortion. Our highly experienced physicians prescribe individual treatment plans based on patients’ medical histories, utilising all new additional methods (EmbryoScope, EmbryoGlue, Assisted embryo hatching; ERA-test, preimplantation genetic testing of embryos - PGS, PGD).

We offer all donor programmes (eggs, sperm, embryos), fertility preservation, a reproductive tissue bank, prenatal care and have a Preimplantation Genetic Centre.  

Zaļā iela 1, Rīga, LV-1010
+371 67111117
+371 67111117
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Diagnostics and treatments
Fertility and Reproductive Health
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