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ORTO Clinic – Orthopaedics, Spine surgery and Rheumatology Centre

ORTO Clinic is the only and most modern private clinic in the Baltic States specializing in:

  • traumatology, orthopaedics,
  • spine surgery,
  • rheumatology,
  • sport’s medicine.

For many years now we have been partners with the Latvian Olympic Committee and most of Latvia’s leading sports clubs. Many top Latvian athletes seek help for their sports injuries at the ORTO Clinic. 

We offer

ORTO Clinic performs all kind of assistance and solutions for diseases and traumas of the musculoskeletal system:

  • a specialist’s consultation;
  • diagnostics (analyses, ultrasonography, x-ray projection, diffusion tensor imaging (DTI) and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) with  3,0T which is currently the most powerful magnet);
  • surgery and post-operative inpatient care (3 operation theatres, 15 individual wards + an intensive therapy ward);
  • rehabilitation and physiotherapy.

Surgery types

ORTO Clinic surgeons performs all types of surgeries relating to acute injuries, bone fractures, joint conditions and spinal problems.

  • Most usual types of surgeries are:
  • hip, knee and shoulder replacement surgery;
  • arthroscopy of hip, knee and ankle;
  • reconstruction of knee joints (crucial ligament repairment);
  •  microdiscectomy of lumbar spine;
  • spinal lumbar fusion surgery;
  • anterior cervical discectomy;
  • surgical correction of deformed feet bones;
  • different kinds of osteosynthesis;
  • shoulder arthroscopy (Rotatory caff‘s restoration).

Main points about ORTO Clinic

  • Annually ORTO Clinic doctors (four orthopaedic and two vertebral surgeons, rheumatologist and a radiologist) consult around 40 000 patients.
  • Our six surgeons perform approximately 2 000 surgeries per year.
  • ORTO Clinic provides a low infection risk – 0.2 – 0.5%. Among other reasons – we have installed laminar airflow system in all three theatres and special scafanders are worn by surgical team during surgery, not allowing any contact between the wound and the personal.  (An average percent of infection risk in other hospitals is ~2%.)
  • We work only with certificated and world’s leading implant brands and other medical products and technologies so minimizing infection risk and reaching a long lasting effect of a surgery.
  • Our clinic has a blood bank in case of massive bleeding during surgery, when high amount of hemotransfusions are needed. We do cooperate with Latvia State Blood Donor centre.
  • We provide painless perioperative period to improve surgical conditions and patients satisfaction after the surgery, which are essential factors for positive outcome. 
  • To minimize risks associated with anaesthesia we practice peripheral nerve block regional anaesthesia under ultrasound control to increase patients safety.
  • We cooperate with various specialists from other clinics (infectologist, urologist etc.) in case additional professional help during treatment period is needed.

We keep to highest international standards to provide patients with precise diagnostics, high level treatment, an attitude of empathy and understanding.

Bukultu iela 1a, Rīga, LV-1005
+371 67144013
+371 67144013
Type of medical service: 
Diagnostics and treatments
Traumatology & Orthopaedic
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