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Rehabilitation center Ligatne

The Ligatne Rehabilitation Centre offers complex medical-rehabilitation and spa programmes and accommodation services, with or without catering.

Medical-treatment courses include individual evaluation of functional abilities, the setting of rehabilitation targets and preparation of individual rehabilitation plans.

Main medical rehabilitation programmes:

  • Special rehabilitation programmes for professionals (accountants, teachers)
  • Rehabilitation after surgical operations and cerebral haemorrhages
  • specialised programmes for improving the health state of joints, back, heart
  • Programmes for senior citizens
  • Rehabilitation-recreation programmes
  • Spa programmes

Accommodation facility with 30 rooms at different comfort and price levels.

20 rooms are doubles/twin, 10 – single. Each room has a WC, shower and TV.

Līgatne district, Līgatne parish, "Skaļupes", LV-4110
+371 64161915
+371 26467747
Type of medical service: 
SPA & Wellness
Weight loss treatment
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