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18 new Latvian Heritage mark holders


This year, 18 new recipients received the Latviskais mantojums (Latvian Heritage) mark as an appreciation of their efforts to protect and preserve tangible and intangible local heritage. 

The mark is awarded to farms, craftsmen, caterers, accommodation establishments, event organisers and studios, which introduce the wider public to the traditions and history of Latvia through stories, meals, celebrations, workshops and guided tours.    

The latest additions to the list of 106 Latviskais mantojums mark holders are:

  • Paukers crafts group in Ventspils district for maintaining the traditional crats of Ance village,
  • Rideļi Mill in Engure district, for preserving the mill and traditional skills,
  • Knitter and weaver Regīna Kalniņa from Nīca district for maintaining the Nīca folk costume making tradition,
  • Weaver Pēteris Tutāns from Tukums district for upholding the craft of weaving (baskets rather than fabrics),
  • Saldus maiznieks (Saldus Baker) in Saldus district for preserving bread baking skills,
  • EKC Suiti association in Alsunga district for keeping the Suiti community traditions alive,
  • Stūrīši – Branki holiday home in Dundaga district for preserving Livonian artefacts and cuisine,
  • Pāce wool factory in Dundaga district for preserving old wool processing methods,
  • Splint weaver Inta Bendrupa from Jelgava district for keeping the basket weaving tradition alive,
  • Ūdenszīmes association in Jēkabpils district for protecting meadows,
  • Jaunpils Crafts House for maintaining ancient crafts traditions,
  • Ozolkalna klēts (Ozolkalns Barn) weaving and crafts workshop from Madona district for upholding the weaving tradition,
  • Meke Hotel in Salacgrīva district for contemporary solutions to maintaining a Latvian setting and giving a new lease of life to ancient buildings,
  • Cēsu maize (Cēsis bread) for placing spelt flour bread in the limelight,
  • Kainaiži Birzī in Smiltenes novads for reinventing traditions related to birch sap,
  • Siguldas Spieķu darbnīca (Sigulda walking stick workshop) for keeping the walking-stick-making tradition alive,
  • Līvāni glass blowing workshop for preserving the glass blowing tradition,
  • Upenīte country house in Aglona district for promoting traditional Latgale region cuisine.

The Latviskais mantojums mark is an initiative of the Baltic Country Holidays association and has been awarded once a year since 2013. Businesses and individuals can apply for the mark, and applications are evaluated by a jury of tourism, culture and history experts.