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Adventure Park in Ventspils - still the most popular


For several years now it is the most popular tourist destination in the welcoming port city of Ventspils, whose number of visitors exceeded 400 thousand last year.

The data shows that the most popular activity in the city of Kurzeme in Ventspils is active recreation. The largest number of visitors - more than 408 thousand - also last year, like many years ago, has been in the Adventure Park, which offers a wide variety of active recreation opportunities in all seasons.

The second most popular spot behind the Adventure Park is the Water Amusement Park with more than 200,000 visitors.

The growing interest is enjoyed by the Ventspils Museum, and the leader of the museum's branches is the Seaside Open-Air Museum, which was visited by nearly 100 thousand guests.

But what would Ventspils be in fact if their guests would not go for a ride with the narrow gauge train “Mazbānītis”? Last year 65 thousand people enjoyed this pleasure, and 50 thousand visitors visited the Livonian Order Castle.

The biggest increase in the number of visitors - by 50% - last year experienced the House of Crafts. It is created in the oldest school building of the Dukedom of Courland, erected in the18th century, which after renovation has turned into a modern cultural and tourist destination. A classroom designed in the 19th century style is offered to visitors in the House of Crafts. With advanced booking it is possible to attend a lesson in the 19th Century tradition.

Although the summer of 2017 was not exactly a particularly sunny weather, visitors to the Beach Aquapark were not lacking, as was not the demand for a ride with the entertaining vessel "Hercogs Jēkabs", but the lovers of animals visited the Ventspils Deer Garden.

Of great interest is also the Ventspils’ offer for the acquisition of innovative experience - interactive exhibitions at the Science and Technology Museum "Kurzeme Democentrs" and technically creative workshops of "Aspired" Ltd.

If you want to know which city of Latvia is the most friendly for families with children, it will not be false if we say that one of them is certainly Ventspils. Ventspils-friendly recreation place for families with children is made not only by the wide and diverse offer, but also by the opportunity to receive discounts with Ventspils money - vents.

However, active rest in Ventspils can also be free of charge. Residents and guests of Ventspils prefer both the Children's Towns and the Blue Flag beach, the Jungle Trail and the Anchor Trail in Jurmala Park. The cyclists praise the great infrastructure of the city bicycle and cycle path around the Lake Būšnieks, as well as the well-equipped bathing area.