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Another Travel Guide Jūrmala


An untraditional book about the most popular resort in Latvia makes us to take a closer look to this city and reveals its amazing charm!

“Another Travel Guide Jūrmala” has a bright yellow cover that reminds sand of Jūrmala after fresh rain. When it is sunny, the sand on the beach is nearly white and its structure reminds sugar a little bit. Only the grains are smaller.

Stretching in the length of 24 km between the Gulf of Riga and Lielupe River, Jūrmala with its area is the second largest Latvian city, and it includes 16 small neighbourhoods each having its own character and circulation of blood.

“Jūrmala is like an independent republic onto itself— located only 25 kilometres from central Riga but with a completely different pace of life, a different colouring and sometimes even different rules of the game,” states “Another Travel Guide Jūrmala”.

Although Jūrmala formed as a resort city only in 1959, information about travellers who went to relax and enjoy sun baths is much older, from the first half of the 19th century.

Jūrmala attracts visitors with the sea, beach, and rustling thin pine-trees that covers dunes. Several decades ago, a distinct and interesting building has formed in the resort city. Jūrmala is a place where the outstanding Latvian poets, Rainis and Aspazija, have lived. Their remembrance last year was recognised to be an event of the UNESCO scale.

Once Jūrmala was called home by one of the greatest Latvian patrons, Kristaps Morbergs, the Benjamins family that was known as press kings of the thirties of the last century, etc. Also currently many bright and creative persons are living in the resort city such as architect Andris Kronbergs, sculptor Gļebs Panteļejevs, graphic artist Roberts Koļcovs who tells about Jūrmala from a point of view of his own, the one who lives in Jūrmala, in the book.  

The book is called “Another Travel Guide Jūrmala” not only because it is made and issued by the team of internet magazine “”. This title emphasises the different or informal character of the book. The new issue forms a more comprehensive notion about Jūrmala than traditional travel guides that include only the most popular objects and practical information, which can be useful to travellers.

Sure, the book “Another Travel Guide Jūrmala” includes the most popular pearls of Jūrmala and information about accommodation, places to eat, etc., still the thematic range is richer. Authors of the untraditional travel guide try to be true and reveal development of Jūrmala that has not been easy.

The travel book about Jūrmala is issued not only in Latvian, English and Russian.

A point of view of the author team and the type of their work are characterised by themselves stating: “ is a source of information and inspiration for independent travellers. It is a platform that unites like-minded people – cultural tourists and extremists, hedonists and ascetics. In short, all who are united by a passion for travel as an excellent way of learning about the world and also one’s self.”