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Booking system 'Helloports' – for yachtsmen in the Baltic Sea


Interest of yachtsmen about the Latvian ports increases, and now there are grounds for it to increase even more.

Latvian coastal boarder reaching for 500 kilometres usually in mentioned when we want to pride ourselves in our beautiful beaches of white sand. And the beaches really are beautiful. But we place less emphasis on the fact that people can reach us as they travel on their yachts by sea and that they can make a stop in one of the small Latvian ports.

For example, Pāvilosta yacht harbour. Experienced yachtsmen acknowledge that this yacht landing is an excellent place in all aspects.

Yachtsmen are provided with everything they might need for sailing; the small town on the sea cost is beautiful and pretty right as if from a postcard, and the guests are provided with a high-quality service and heartfelt care. 

To provide the yachtsmen with information not only about the popular harbour of Pāvilosta, but also other small Latvian ports, Latvia along with the neighbouring Estonia has created online booking system '' that is available both online and in special port information kiosks.

At the moment of opening in spring of 2017, '' combined information for yachtsmen about 8 Latvian marinas, but more information about other small ports of our country will continue to be added.

Online booking system includes 17 Estonian marinas, and it is planned to provide information also about the harbours in other countries along the Baltic coast, thus providing to the yachtsmen with the necessary information about yacht landings and services, infrastructure, etc.

'Helloports' information kiosks are placed in the harbours, their design reminiscent of a whale's tail with a touchscreen, and are a pleasant and useful novelty. There are already 10 such kiosks in Latvia. Each 'whale's tail' is in a different colour, but all of them have been designed in a way that neither rain nor snow could harm them.
A user will be able to use the kiosk to obtain information, pay the bills, make a booking and plan the route, while being granted freedom of choice so necessary for today's voyagers.

Currently Latvian harbours are mostly visited by the yachtsmen from the Nordic countries, Germany, Poland, the Netherlands and Denmark. 

Most popular Latvian marinas in the Baltic Sea include not only Pāvilosta, but also Liepāja and Ventspils. Marina 'Auda' is being operatively developed in Mangaļsala, Riga; and resort city Jūrmala, close to Riga, also has a yacht harbour.

Currently '' combines information about Latvian marinas in Jūrmala, Liepāja, Mērsrags, Pāvilosta, Roja, Salacgrīva, Ventspils, and 'Auda' in Riga.