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Cinevilla, the filmtown and unique tourist attraction


This summer in Cinevilla will be shot the much-expected last episodes of the historic film "Nameja gredzens" (Namejs' Ring).

Already since the beginning of this art, film making has been undeniably attractive, and in places where movie sets have been built, whole cinema towns have appeared.

Exactly such a town is Cinevilla located in Tukums municipality, approximately an hour's drive from Riga. Turning unto the road that leads to this filmtown, already from afar you can see an unusual sight. In the middle of nowhere buildings, a church, several bridges, railway tracks with a steam locomotive, and a train station, old cars and a tram have appeared.


The first movie made here was "Rīgas sargi" (The Guards of Riga), a film dear to each Latvian and telling the story of the heroic defence of our capital during the fight for freedom in 1919.

Shooting of the film took place from 2004 to 2007 and was so extensive that the built set was used also for many other movies. Currently the following words could be said about the filmtown "Cinevilla Studios": it is the only open-air filming set in the Baltics and the largest in the Northern Europe.

Cinevilla takes up 150 hectares; the large decorations cover approximately 15 hectares and consist of 3 main parts: the city (Riga), suburb or small town, and a farm of the first half of the 20th century (Rudolf's homestead where the popular Latvian film "Rūdolfa mantojums" (Rudolf's Heritage) was made).

Cinevilla specialises in decorations of the beginning of the 20th century (World War I and II). Filming groups follow one after another. There you can meet famous foreign movie makers, and the filming of the historic movie "Nameja gredzens" will soon be completed in Cinevilla.

The film "Nameja gredzens" retells the ancient Latvian history, of the battles against intruders that took place in the 13th century. The authors describe the movie as the "film of legends" and want the impressive Latvian story to be heard across the world; therefore, the film is worked on by an international team, and versions both in Latvian and English will be made. The film will be a gift to us all in the 100th anniversary of the Latvian statehood celebrated on 18 November 2018.

If you visit Cinevilla, you can explore the old buildings constructed for the purposes of "Nameja gredzens", and if you are lucky, you could witness the process of making the film.

However, the cinema town is interesting even when filming does not take place, and a guided tour would bring you excitement. Here you can see a show of special effects and films made in the filmtown, take part in a photo hunt and become participants of a film. Tasks set before the participants of the team-building events will not be easy, yet exciting. Cinevilla grows and develops, and the conference that took place there will long be remembered...