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Fair of Latvian Folk Applied Art held already for the 47th time


Organiser of the Fair is the Latvian Ethnographic Open-Air Museum; timing: June 3-4.

The first weekend of June has been special in Latvia already since 1971, when Latvian Ethnographic Open-Air Museum hosted the Fair of Craftsmen for the first time.

Folk craftsmen from all cultural and historical regions of Latvia and from abroad arrive to the museum during these days in June, showing clearly that Latvian folk traditions are still alive, and the ancient craft skills are still used and are further developed. Last year, in 2016, the Fair saw participation from 2,473 various craftsmen.

There were knitters, weavers and other needlewomen, as well as basket-makers, woodworkers, potters, smiths and other people who promote the crafts of ancestors.

The number of visitors last year exceeded 27 thousand; and the Fair of 2017 promises to be just as colourful and lively. Throughout the many years, the Fair has become an event of a national level: a craftsmanship symbol of Riga and Latvia, a celebration for participants and each visitor.

The Fair held in a pine tree forest on the shore of the beautiful Lake Jugla in Pierīga not only provides a place for meeting and experience exchange to the people of various generations and crafts who create items of folk applied arts. At the same time, it showcases the craftsmanship accomplishments, and the master craftsmen are able to sell their best works.

The Fair hosted in the Ethnographic Museum with its ancient buildings is a hub of bustle and cheerfulness, as some look for the goods to buy, and the others try to sell it.

Folklore groups, singer ensembles and dance groups, choirs, experts in ancient games all take part in the celebration. Fair in the Latvian Ethnographic Open-Air Museum provides an excellent opportunity both for the locals and the tourists to learn more about the traditional culture of the Latvian nation.

It should be noted, that the visitors never leave hungry because the favourite national foods can be tasted in the Fair.