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At the Fashion Museum: "The Secrets of the East. Western Fashion and China"


This is already the second exhibition in the newly opened Riga Fashion Museum which has become popular in a very short time both among the local lovers of beauty and the foreign people interested in fashion.

An exhibition has been opened at Riga Fashion Museum located in the Old Town; the name of this exhibition is "The Secrets of the East. Western Fashion and China". Several dozen dresses are on display here, as well as many exotic accessories and small articles of interior, all encompassing the time period from the 18th to the 21st centuries.

The exhibition is based on the collection of the renowned fashion art historian Alexandre Vassiliev, which is the third largest private collection of clothes and accessories in the world and includes approximately 55 thousand items!

The main theme of the exhibition is the influence Chinese culture had on the Western fashion for centuries.

Through the medium of clothing and accessories, the exhibition provides a way to trace the interest Europeans and Americans showed in China. Special focus has been placed on several significant periods when Chinese culture had an especially strong influence on European and later also on American taste.

The mentioned period was between the "China Style" of Rococo age and the romanticism of the Victorian age. The second important period was from the 1920s when Shanghai, the city in China, became a shelter for the European refugees and a centre for revelry and entertainment, up to the 1950s and 60s when Mao Zedong was in power.

The exhibits are complemented by unique video and audio materials. The exhibition provides an opportunity to learn more about the history of China and the European music that was created by drawing inspiration from Chinese history and mythology, as well as become more familiarised with the sophisticated art of calligraphy.

The visitors of the museum can also try to write a short note or congratulatory words in Chinese and try on the traditional Chinese costume.

Excursions led by the museum guides reveal the secrets of silk and china, as well as provide a way to learn more about the most famous Chinese inventions and their influence on Europe.


The exhibition will be available at the Fashion Museum for six months until the end of October.