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The final stage of the 2017 FIA European Rally Championship will take place in Latvia.


The race will take place on October 6th-8th in the Liepaja and Kuldiga areas, offering many exciting moments to rally spectators.

The World motor sport council of the International Automobile Federation' (FIA) has approved the 2017 FIA European Rally Championship calendar.

The calendar will include 8 stages in total. The Championship's first stage will be held in April in the Azores, but the final 8th, stage will bring the competitors, their fans and supporters to Latvia.

"I am convinced that we will give the visitors of the European Rally Championship stage an unparalleled and remarkably vibrant motorsport festival, which will remain in the memories of the "Rally Liepaja" guests for a very long time," says the European Rally Championship Stage organizer, director of "RA EVENTS" Raimonds Strokšs.

Auto sport is one of the most popular and the most dynamic sports in the world. It also has deep and strong roots in Latvia. Our country has always had brilliant motorists and we also have them now, such as Ralfs Sirmacis and Arturs Šimins, who won three victories in the 2016 FIA European Rally Championship and ranked third in the season.

October 6th - 8th, 2017, spectators of the FIA ​​European Rally Championship will be able to observe the skill and excitement of racers from Latvia and other countries in Liepaja and Kuldiga – two beautiful cities of the Kurzeme district.

What makes sporting event even more attractive is the fact the European Championship stage “Rally Liepaja” will coincide with the Speed Festival “Kurzeme”. The ​​Speed Festival "Kurzeme 2017" line-up will include a variety of motor sports competitions - the final stage of the Latvian water motorsport Championship for speedboats, the final race of the "Lada RX" Cup season, Cup Stages for historic rally cars, as well as other technical sports competitions.

"The goal of the Speed ​​Festival has always been to show Liepaja from different interesting points of view and to create a genuine motorsport festival with a wide range of entertainment programs that fit the tastes of the local population and the visitors," says the Festival’s director Uldis Hmieļevskis.

The Speed Festival in ​​Liepaja has been taking place since 2010. Before that - the motorsports enthusiasts' sympathy had already been earned by the rally "Kurzeme", who’s half a century long history has been repeatedly transformed.

The skills and experience gained from organizing the "Kurzeme" rally and the Speed ​​Festival will now be combined with the expertise of "RA Events" - organizers of the FIA ​​championship stage "Rally Liepaja", to ensure that the significant FIA European Rally Stage in Latvia becomes a truly spectacular celebration.