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The First and Only Fashion Museum in the Baltics Opened in Riga


Enjoy the true elegance and charm in cellars built in the 14th century in the very heart of Old Riga!

We are so eager to say that we have long deserved this — the first and only Fashion Museum in the Baltics, created in one of the most popular tourist attractions in Old Riga opposite to the House of the Blackheads.

Riga’s women have long been and still are (!) recognised as highly attractive and elegant, while the fashion house “Rīgas modes” was deemed as one of the brightest brands across Eastern Europe at the time.

The original Fashion Museum in Riga, which is second to none, was created by two famous former classmates — Moscow architect Natalia Muzychkina, who has considered Riga her home for several years now, and legendary fashion artist, historian, collector and TV persona Alexandre Vassiliev.

Alexandre Vassiliev is from Moscow as well, yet he deserved wide attention and authority in Paris, while working in French theatres, and elsewhere in the world. Including Latvia, where Alexandre Vassiliev’s collections were shown many times and his fashion history books were published.

Due to a fortunate creative coincidence, Riga got its Fashion Museum, which might later become a popular place to visit for all those who are interested in beauty, elegance and fashion.  

The building at 24 Grēcinieku Street with its 14th century cellars holds old history and memories, creating a special background for the valuable displays of the museum. The Fashion Museum consists of two parts — interactive permanent (a peculiar trip in a time machine) and temporary exhibitions.

The first temporary exhibition of the museum “Elegance of the 30s” surprises and captivates with femininity, grace and sophistication of the time when the world was overtaken by the economic depression and the majority of society had not had a single penny in their wallets. Hollywood films and dreams created by them saved from the harsh reality and the longing for beauty and chic was almost irresistible...

Museum displays, from clothes and shoes to fine accessories, are authentic and highly valuable, collected for many decades with admirable persistence. The names of famous directors of fashion houses come closer to us than it would be otherwise possible.

When taking a guided tour, clothes seemingly come alive and brightly reveal the century and its creators. Nuances, which only enthusiastic clothing history researchers are able to see, uncover themselves.

In the museum premises at the level of the street with a view to the House of the Blackheads, visitors can enjoy a cup of coffee and a treat. A small shop offers to buy bookmarks, a museum calendar and other small souvenirs.

The museum promises to work 7 days a week and during all holidays for city guests to never experience the lack of entertainment possibilities. The temporary exhibition “Elegance of the 30s” will be available until spring, when the fine silk fabric will become the focus of attention.

The Fashion Museum was created thanks to the Alexandre Vassiliev Foundation and Natalia Muzychkina’s spouse, Moscow doctor and entrepreneur Alexander Ostrovsky in cooperation with over 50 Latvian companies.