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Follow the label “Latvian Heritage”!


Now more than 90 Latvian agricultural holdings share Latvian traditions and values with visitors coming from nearby and afar.

The culture label “Latvian Heritage” was created in 2013 by the rural tourism association: Lauku ceļotājs (Baltic Country Holidays).  Its goal was to popularise among the 300 members of the association those rural entrepreneurs who pay particular attention to continuation and development of national traditions nowadays.

This label marks sites where hosts welcome visitors to demonstrate and tell them about life and work patterns of traditional Latvian farmers, offers traditional Latvian meals, teach crafts and skills, and invites to celebrate traditional Latvian holidays.

The label is granted to owners of accommodations, rural holdings, craftsmen, rural pubs, organisers of events celebrating Latvian traditions, as well as managers, museums, masters of skills and crafts.

At present already 73 rural holdings in teh country are proud owners of the label “Latvian Heritage”, and just recently it was granted to 19 other holdings.

Among the most recent holders of the label is the agricultural holding Bitenieki (Beekeepers) located in Ventspils Municipality, Kurzeme Region, where, as its name shows, you can hear bees buzzing and where honey is carefully collected just as it was in the past. 

We, Latvians, can’t stop praising our dark rye bread which indeed tastes very good. Latvian bread baking traditions are honoured by Jelgava Municipality bakery Svētes maize, which truly deserves the label “Latvian Heritage”.

It is not a real Latvian, who does not occasionally visit a country sauna and fight off all diseases by tapping oneself with birch twigs. Sēja Municipality sauna museum Birzes reveals the tips and secrets of Latvian sauna.

Fire still glows in blacksmith’s Kaspars Auza’s forge in Limbaži Municipality and the master knows every nuance of this ancient trade.

Jānis Seiksts continues our famous pottery traditions in Madona Municipality. Andris Roze in Amata Municipality has mastered the building of the traditional Latvian string instrument kokle and can also play lovely melodies on this ancient instrument. 

If you wish to learn more about the very colourful and unusual region of suiti community and its distinctive culture, visit the attraction Suitu Rija in Alsunga Municipality.

All the craftsmen and rural holdings which have received the culture label “Latvian Heritage” introduce their guests to the Latvian lifestyle and traditions in their own unique ways.

Many of the holders of this label offer the opportunity to try the Latvian traditional cuisine. For example, at the rural holding Ūši in Dundaga Municipality a special kind of vegetable tarts sklandrauši are baked which is a traditional treat of Kurzeme Region. In Engure Municipality at fisherman house Dieniņas you can take part in smoking of fish and enjoy warm smoked fish. If you wish to visit a genuine rural market, go to Straupe in Pārgauja Municipality.

You can find full list of all the rural tourism companies holding the culture label “Latvian Heritage” on the rural tourism association’s Baltic Country Holidays website:

The association Baltic Country Holidays was founded in 1993. It offers such tourist services as accommodation and transport booking, visits to rural holdings, planning of routes and other services.