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The Food Lover’s Guide Allures to Riga and the Gauja National Park


In just a couple of months, in 2017, the Riga-Gauja region will become the European Centre of Gastronomy. 

A healthy, tasty and season-appropriate meal is an integral part of our eating culture.

Next year, the guests of Latvia will be invited to see it for themselves in more detail and in a more exciting manner than before. Riga, the good fame of restaurants of which has carried far, and the Gauja National Park, which has united under the brand “Enter Gauja”, will offer a true gastronomic celebration.

Dzintars Kristovskis, Chef of the restaurant “Valmiermuiža’s Beer Kitchen” says: “If you look at some of the most iconic cuisines of the world and put it in perspective, what they all have in common is that they are based off products and ingredients that come from that particular region.

It is these raw products and ingredients that have made them popular. We, too, had our fundamental values, but at some point in history we began to drift away from them. Therefore it has to be understood: that what we are trying to create is not a new trend, but going back to our roots. Through what is characteristic of the region, through the taste that comes from this land.”

 The Food Lover’s Guide to the Riga-Gauja region provides an insight into the modern national cuisine of Latvia, emphasising the seasonality and freshness of food products more than ever. Four seasons — four menu “scenarios” including delicacies encountered at our latitudes. For example, rhubarb and birch juice in spring, cat fish and sour cherry in summer, quince and boletus in autumn, rowan berries and turnip in winter.

We are familiarised with over 30 places, where one can enjoy and feast (castles, estates, restaurants), become acquainted, get to know and taste (museums and places of tasting of bread, beer, wine, etc.), relax and shop at the same time (entertainment parks).

The section “Restaurants in Riga, Sigulda, Valmiera and Cēsis” provides information on high-level public catering companies that have got involved in the implementation of a rather bold intent to become the European Region of Gastronomy.

Tourists will also find useful a small map that clearly shows how close the Gauja National Park is situated to our capital and what a great and tasteful rest during a small outing one can experience.

We are rich in many events, which, being organised year on year, tend to gain increasingly more popularity. One of them, for instance, is the Restaurant Week in spring and autumn, which promises to be particularly bright next year in both Riga and other places in the European Region of Gastronomy in Latvia.

Valmiermuiža’s brewery will take care of joyful celebration of Latvian seasonal holidays eight times a year. In turn, Medieval traditions will be revived and a feast inspired by them will be held in Cēsis.

The Food Lover’s Guide is published in Latvian and English. It is available in tourist information centres and largest tourist attractions.

The electronic version of the guide is available on