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"Great Amber" receives a prestigious architecture award


The new concert hall has made the beautiful port city Liepāja even more attractive. 

The new concert hall "Great Amber" that was opened last autumn has received the International Architecture Award of 2016 as the best new architecture project.

International Architecture Award is the highest and most prestigious award for the buildings that honour and emphasise a new and modern design. It is awarded by the Chicago Architecture and Design Museum together with the European Center for Architecture, Art, Design and Urban Studies.

The shape of the concert hall building creates associations with the music frozen in amber.

It is especially appropriate for the city located on the coast of the Baltic Sea. After the storm the residents of Liepāja walk along the vast sandy beach and collect the amber pieces brought ashore by the waves.

"Great Amber" can be easily seen from various directions, but especially attractive it seems from the direction of the bridge from across the city canal. The building glitters in the sun; and Liepāja, the city proud of its excellent urban heritage, creates an unusual sense of peace and relaxation.

Convenient cycle routes have been developed in the city; the pavements are wide and suitable for leisurely walks. Magnificent trees grow in the Seaside park, and under their shade the Ghost Tree stands as a peculiar page out of history. It is an unusual memorial sculpture for the famous rock musicians of the band "Līvi". Liepāja has always been the city of music, and the rock musicians have historically had a significant role in maintaining the spirit of independence in Latvia under the Soviet regime.

The design author of the "Great Amber" concert hall is the Austrian architect and professor Volker Giencke whose design was chosen in the international tender of the concert hall.

"Great Amber" is a multifuctional centre offering premises, equipment, qualified personnel and services for hosting various events. It has five halls of various sizes that may be functionally adapted for varied cultural and art events, as well as corporative events, banquets, conferences, lectures, etc.

The design of the "Great Amber" concert hall developed by the office of the architect Volker Giencke has received several other important awards, for example, international architecture competition award "Architizer A+ Awards" and the annual Latvian Architecture Award.

Liepāja is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Latvia attracting the visitors not only because of its excellent beaches, valuable and interesting urban development, its excellent military heritage, but also because of the "Great Amber".

The repertoir of the concert hall includes both classical compositions and contemporary music. Not only prominent Latvian musicians, but also distinguished foreign artists perform in the "Great Amber". 

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