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IBTM World 2015 Attended by Large Delegation from Latvia


This year, experts from not only TAVA and MEET RĪGA, but also from 13 industry companies will be present at Latvia's national display stand at the International Conference and Travel Fair in Spain.

The fair, previously known as EIBTM and now renamed IBTM, will be open November 17-19. The Latvian Tourism Development Agency (TAVA) will have a national stand at the fair, offering companies much more extensive opportunities than ever before to establish new business contacts.

The following agencies and companies will be on duty at the Latvian stand: Riga Tourism Development Bureau (MEET RĪGA), SIA Averoja, SIA VIA HANSA DMC RIGA, SIA Baltic Blues LV, SIA Baltijas ceļojumu grupa, SIA Meeting Tour Travel & SPA Consultants, SIA Nikos Travel, SIA TMC, SIA Baltic Incentive Travel, SIA Baltic Events & Tours,  SIA DMC BALTIC, SIA BALTIC TRAVEL SERVICES, Estravel Latvia - the Latvian branch of A/S Estravel, and SIA Latvia Tours.

TAVA Tourism Market Specialist Lelde Beņķe emphasises: "Visitors to the national stand at the business fair in Barcelona will have a great chance to not only learn about Latvia and what it can offer conference organisers, but also a fine opportunity for new contacts and contracts.

A total of more than 15,000 professionals from 85 countries will participate in IBTM World 2015 with a total of 4,000 stands or booths. Approximately 3,000 select guests have been invited to attend.

You are welcome to sign up for a meeting with Latvian tourism professionals at the IBTM  World 2015 website: