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Internationally renowned “Skyforger” is calling for a grand concert


Metal music lovers can prepare for real celebrations - the festival "Zobens un Lemess" promises unforgettable impressions.

The album "Kauja pie Saules" by “Skyforger”, a Latvian folk metal band, was released twenty years ago, becoming a milestone not only for the musicians themselves but also for the development of all Latvian metal music.

Celebrating the anniversary of this important album, one of the culmination points of the "Zobens un Lemess" festival will be the "Skyforger" grand concert, where "Kauja pie Saules" will be featured in full.

The 4th “Zobens un Lemess” festival of contemporary ethnic music and ancient crafts will take place this summer on the picturesque Bauska castle mound, bringing together fans of heavy music and folk traditions from 15 to 17 June.

One of the overriding goals of the festival is to highlight and preserve the Latvian nation's fortitude and treasure of mind. It features musicians whose creative work is inextricably linked with folklore and history, and various historical educational activities take place there as well.

Latvian metal music has gained a new dimension with the first studio album "Kauja pie Saules" by the folk / pagan metal performers’ “Skyforger” (released in 1998, the Dutch music publishing house “TwoMoons”) by linking contemporary musical expressions with the history of the Latvian people.

Stage dresses in the spirit of the old soldiers, the use of authentic historical texts in the production of the album and the harmonious original material of the folk songs made the album "Kauja pie Saules" as one of the most significant Latvian metal music records, which has also received international recognition.

“Skyforger” is rightly considered to be one of the strongest folk metal groups in the whole Europe that brings together fans in almost all the continents of the world. In the festival "Zobens un Lemess" the album will be played in full length, various guest artists will also participate, scenery and fire play will be used, creating a special, antiquated ambience.

In the list of the artists of the festival also featured are the pagan metallic Finns "Moonsorrow", the association of Celtic folk metal "Cruachan" from Ireland, the Belarusian pagan metal musicians "Gods Tower" and folk metal musicians "FolCore", the Lithuanian "Ūkanose", as well as the local dark experimental folk association "Rāva" and many others.

The festival will also host master classes of ancient craftsmen, lectures and experimental archaeology workshops. Visitors will be able to watch demonstrations of battle scenes offered by the history reconstruction clubs and enjoy the magnificent fire sculptures.

Overnight stay at the festival is planned in a guarded tent camp along the picturesque rivers Mūsa and Mēmele in a fenced area in the festival territory.