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Juris Dimiters – one of the most Distinctive Surrealists of Latvia


We farewell to the old year and welcome the new one with important solo exhibition of the Artist in freshly renovated National Museum of Art.

Juris Dimiters may be deemed to be one of the most distinctive authors working in the style of Surrealism with a circle of peculiar characters and painting technique.

In the Great Exhibition Hall of the National Museum of Art of Latvia since mid-November until the end of January 2017 a wide retrospection of his art works has been on view. During forty years of creative activity almost 350 art works have been made.

Juris Dimiters was born in 1947 and he is the representative of the third generation of notable Skulme family of artists.

In the exposition several work series of the Artist are represented in which high-usage everyday items and fruits, their unrealistic combinations are painted with obvious accuracy and documentary preciseness.

Unusual adaption of generally known objects are vivid comments of peculiar Artist regarding mutual relationship of a person, society and power, as well as people - especially a man and woman.

Such means of expression as paradox, wittiness, humour, irony, metaphora are typical for Juris Dimiters. The author has portrayed the same objects for several times by dismantling traditional notions about environment and its scale.

In the exhibition drawings, paintings, posters, scenic painting, photographies, as well as sketches in which initial stage of many ideas and creation of characters are on view.

In the centre of the Hall of Museum there is the stage curtain created by Juris Dimiters at the time for legendary stage direction of "Sherlock Holmes" by Arthur Conan Doyle in the Dailes Theatre that has become one of the golden classics of Latvian theatre arts of the second part of the 20th century.

In Soviet times Juris Dimiters became widely-known with his surprising, surrealistically absurd posters. The Artist arranged 20 solo exhibitions and participated in more than 200 group exhibitions in Latvia and overseas.