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Kalnciems Quarter in Riga has become even more attractive


With a great response from both participants and visitors, the Street Food Festival is now taking place in the Quarter.

Of course, it is to be noted: when was it that the Kalnciems Quarter had not be attractive?! Since brothers Kārlis and Mārtiņš Dambergi had breathed life into degraded wooden houses in Pārdaugava, Riga, the so-called Kalnciems Quarter has been increasing its force of attraction and is now visited by approximately 100 thousand of persons a year.

What are inhabitants and guests of Riga looking for there? Wooden buildings constructed in Western European late classicism at the turn of the 18th and 19th century is a unique feature of Riga: there are no similar buildings anywhere in the world.

Traditional materials and technologies were used during the renovation of buildings of the Kalnciems Quarter at the crossing of Kalnciema and Melnsila Streets; however, the buildings themselves were adjusted to the modern rhythm of life and comfort.

First of all, the owners of the Klanciems Quarter came up with an idea to bring villagers to Riga with their authentic, natural products. Thus, in 2008, fairs of farm food products and handicraft works appeared.

The offer is excellent and there was never a lack of visitors of the fairs. On the contrary, sometimes the flow of visitors is so great that it results in squeeze; before Christmas, these fairs are organised up to 2 times a week, i.e. also on Sundays.

Some time later, Thursday afternoons became booked in the Kalnciems Quarter as well: the idea to organise open-air concerts with the participation of popular musicians was welcomed with a genuine excitement. Lanterns glow in a small apple garden surrounded by 5 restored building, the air smells like summer, music flows, and time pleasantly flies by in a relaxed atmosphere together with friends or acquaintances.

In everyday life, the courtyard of the Kalnciems Quarter hosts the Wooden Architecture Centre, a wine store and a café, a restaurant, an art gallery and design salon; offices are occupied by architects, media specialists and professionals of other creative industries.

However, the Kalnciems Quarter would not have become one of the most lively cultural centres of Riga, where concerts, art exhibitions, events for families and children, theatrical performances, educational seminars and other activities are organised, if it was not for another new idea.

Starting this summer, the Street Food Festival is organised in the Kalnciems Quarter on Wednesday evenings.  Within the framework of this event, excellent restaurants (Ferma, Valtera restorāns, Muusu Terase, Rocket Bean Roastery, etc.) pamper visitors with delicious meals, while guests are sitting in the garden and enjoying the feast.

The entry is free. If weather conditions allow, the Street Food Festival will take place every Wednesday evening.