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Latgale Expedition


Eastern Latvia is the land of forests and lakes where we can embark on the most unforgettable adventures.

Please watch the video before reading any further. Why? Because it has been created in a very special way which has left in awe even Latvian tourism professionals.

The video tells the story about the Latgale cultural region situated in Eastern Latvia. We all know that Latgale is a special place in Latvia. It has countless lakes some of which, for example, Lubāns Lake and Rāzna Lake are very large, whereas Drīdzis Lake is the deepest of them all (65.1 m) but Velnezers Lake is said to be the most mysterious.

We all know that nature in Latgale has mostly stayed untouched by human hands, the locals are renowned for the sincerity and hospitality and the food is simple and natural made with fresh ingredients.

Once a year, thousands of pilgrims take a journey to Latgale for the Assumption of Mary into Heaven taking place on 15 August at the beautiful Aglona Basilica to come together and show faith and hope.

Latgale can be proud with its fortress in Daugavpils which now hosts the centre of contemporary art where visitors can view the paintings of the excellent contemporary artist Mark Rothko. Rēzekne has a beautiful concert hall with excellent acoustics in which we often can enjoy performances of the most distinguished musicians. Latgale...

Even though it seems that we know many things about Latgale, this video has made us look at it in a different light. Moreover, this video has been filmed in an unusual, even expedition-like format.

The video was created during a trip organised by the Tourism Department of the Investment and Development Agency of Latvia at the beginning of summer where several Instagram enthusiasts, including the videographer Arvīds Baranovs from “Eaglewood Films” took part.

This was the fourth Instatrip with the previous ones taking place in other regions of Latvia. Now, it was time to discover Latgale. Considering how far it is from Riga (over couple of hundred kilometres), this trip was a little bit longer lasting three days.

After this trip, we are able to enjoy not only the video created by Arvīds Baranovs, but also many beautiful photos of Latgale #instatriplv; #enjoyLatvia; #atklajlatvijunojauna, etc. The Tourism Department believes that all the efforts put in organising this trip for social media enthusiasts has paid off and given great results.