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Latvian Song Festival in 2018 – first week of July


Song and Dance Festival has always been special to us, but in 2018 it promises to be especially magnificent, because we will celebrate the centenary anniversary of the state of Latvia.

Although it is still quite a long time before the streets and squares of our capital city are filled with singers, dancers and musicians dressed in gorgeous national costumes from all over Latvia, the planned festival has already been outlined now.

Latvian XXVI Song Festival and XVI Dance Festival will take place from 30 June till 8 July 2018. More than 1600 choirs, dance ensembles and music groups have already started preparing for the festival.

Soon at Mežaparks open-air stage, where the Song Festival traditionally takes place, extensive reconstruction works will take place. After the works are completed, Riga will have an open-air concert hall with 35 thousand seats and standing room for 60 thousand. 11 thousand singers will perform on the stage and their clear and beautiful voices will be carried far over the tops of Mežaparks’ pine trees.

Pleasant changes will also delight the fans of dance concerts. After reconstruction of Stadium “Daugava”, 10 000 viewers will be able to see the Great Dance Concert live.

We already know that the closing concert of the festival in Mežaparks – “The Way of the Stars” (Zvaigžņu ceļš) is going to be especially impressive.

The Song Festival traditions of the Baltic people – Latvians, Lithuanians and Estonians – have been included in the UNESCO Representative List of Intangible Cultural Heritage.

Latvian XXVI Song Festival and XVI Dance Festival is organised as a gift to Latvia on its significant anniversary. The many important presents on the state anniversary will also include The Garden of Destiny on an island of the River Daugava which is a unique, touching memorial place worth a visit already now, created by joining the forces of the entire nation – a place for memories, reflection and hopes.

Centenary anniversary celebration of Latvia is planned to last for five years, from 2017 till 2021.