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Latvian tourism experienced positive growth in 2015


Last year the number of foreign tourists visiting our country increased by 9.5% in comparison to the previous year.

The latest data of the Central Statistical Administration indicates that in 2015 6.8 million foreign travellers visited Latvia, and in comparison to 2014 their number increased by 9.5%.

Expenses of foreign travellers in Latvia, excluding transport costs, comprised 742.2 million euros, i.e. 73.7 million euros or 11% more than in 2014.

Most tourists are from the neighbouring countries of Latvia – Lithuania (38.6%) and Estonia (19.4%), as well as Russia (8.3%) and Sweden (4.9%).

Around one-third of foreign tourists visited our country for leisure purposes, and 16% visited friends or relatives, but 12% were on business travel.

In 2015, 2 million foreign tourists stayed in Latvia longer than one day, but one-third (33.5%) of them visited our country for the first time.

Last year the average length of stay in Latvia for foreign travellers was 4 days, and they spent approximately 66.30 euro daily. In total, their expenditure has increased up to 540.8 million euro, which is 4.6% more than in 2014.

Travellers who stayed in Latvia for the longest period of time included those from USA (8.7 nights), Ireland (8.6 nights), United Kingdom (6.9 nights), and Russia (6.8 nights).

In comparison to 2014, the biggest growth in the travellers who stayed in Latvia for several days were from Lithuania (growth by 30%), Estonia (by 57%), Germany (by 8%), and Finland (by 35%). The number of tourists from Russia continues to decrease, and this year it has declined by 20% in comparison to the year before.

In 2015, foreign tourists from Russia were the biggest spenders in Latvia (18%), followed by tourists from Lithuania (9.9%) and Germany (9.8%). On average, travellers who spent the greatest amount of money per day included those from Norway (114.30 euro), Finland (107.90 euro), Austria (106.20 euro), and Denmark (99.20 euro). Travellers from Ireland (41.10 euro), Belarus (42.40 euro), Estonia (48.60 euro), Czech Republic (50.50 euro), and Russia (51.90 euro) spent the least amount of money per day.