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Latvian tourism in the international tourism fairs of 2018


The national stand will greet its visitors at 9 exhibitions in the first six months of the year.

Taking part in the international tourism fairs and exhibitions has become a significant tradition for the Latvian tourism industry, and 2018 will be no different.

“There is no substitute for meeting face to face with the existing as well as the future business partners, just as meeting the tourists themselves, gaining insight through discussion into what they expect from a destination and what they wish to see there,” Inese Šīrava, the director of the Tourism Department at the Investment and Development Agency of Latvia, reveals.

 In 2018, the national stand of Latvian tourism will be represented both in the usual tourism fairs and exhibitions as well as new ones.  For the first time ever, the national stand of Latvia will be organised at the “Fitur 2018” in Madrid, Spain (17 —21 January). Following a year's pause, Latvia will participate in the exhibition “Otdix 2018” in Minsk, Belarus (4 — 7 April), at which the participants of Latvia have gained only so much experience in the previous years.

As in previous years, tourism in the national stand of Latvia will be represented at “Vakantiebeurs 2018” in Utrecht, the Netherlands (9 — 14 January), Adventur 2018” in Vilnius, Lithuania (26 — 28 January), “Tourest 2018” in Tallin, Estonia (9 — 11 February), “ 2018” in Munich, Germany (21 — 25 February), “ITB Berlin 2018” in Berlin, Germany (7 — 11 March) and “IMEX 2018” in Frankfurt, Germany (15 — 17 May).

All of the cultural and historical regions of Latvia have been and always will be represented at the national stand of Latvia, confirming that our country offers diverse tourism destinations. From Kurzeme in the west of the country, where the strikingly long coastline of the Baltic Sea lies, and Zemgale in the south, where the land is most fertile and an abundance of castles and manors amass, to Vidzeme in the north, where the greatest and oldest park of the country is located, and Latgale, known also as the land of the blue lakes, in the east.

Every type of tourist will discover something special to see in Latvia — from those who wish to spend time in the serenity of the beautiful nature, for example, a beach or a forest, to those who wish to enjoy exciting holidays in the urban environment.

Another argument for visiting Latvia in 2018 is the centenary celebration of the country, and the exuberance of the celebration will echo in everything and everywhere.