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Latvian waters have become more attractive to tourists


Who else can say that they have a sea, hundreds of large and small rivers and lakes? In Latvia, we can say this, and we are proud of our treasures. Since the "Riverways" project was finished this summer, water tourists and all other persons interested in water-based recreation can enjoy boating opportunities that are better and more convenient than ever.

There are 65 rivers with facilitated sites for getting on and off boats, recreation areas on the banks, fireplaces and public conveniences awaiting water tourists in Latvia. Our rivers are flowing rather quietly after the spring floods, and canoeing or boating, for example, down the picturesque Gauja in Vidzeme, the northern part of Latvia, or the wayward Irbe in Kurzeme, the western part of the country, promise wonderful relaxation and unforgettable impressions for nature lovers. Sandstone outcrops are visible along the river banks, the beautiful greenery is captivating with its magic, while the birds, not disturbed by the city noise, sing to their heart’s content.

Each river has its own unique nature, so river maps in the Latvian, English, Russian and Estonian language will help boaters and families with children find the most suitable route. The maps are also in the Estonian language because Latvia and Estonia jointly implemented the “Riverways” project.

The beneficiaries of the “Riverways” project are also those water tourists who are attracted by the Baltic Sea. There are 15 developed sea routes in Latvia and Estonia. The trip to the Kolka lighthouse seems to be especially exciting. Cape Kolka is the place where the open waters of the Baltic Sea meet the quieter waters of the Gulf of Riga. Excited water tourism lovers gather together in this place where nature reveals itself in its initial force in order to boat to the Kolka lighthouse, which is located 6 kilometres away. The lighthouse was built in 1884, and the trip is unforgettable. 

Walking on the seabed of the western coast of Latvia also promises unusual feelings. Put on a hydro-suit, move out into water that is chest-deep and with the help of an oar, go for an approximately 3-kilometre long walk. It is a unique adventure that can only be enjoyed at a few places in the world. Walking is healthy, and it helps you forget all your daily worries.

What is available for those who are only visiting Riga for a few days? Well, there is plenty for them to do also. Riga is a city that has far more water and greenery than people from large metropolises can imagine. Active recreation is also possible in the centre of the capital by boating down the Riga Canal or on the lakes located within the area of the capital.  

Irrespective of which route you choose, you can be sure that the providers of water tourism services will take care of all practical travelling issues, and they are very enthusiastic about their work.

Another benefit of the “Riverways” project is the broad range of useful information that has been assembled for the many types of water tourists. There is also information about water tourism service providers, a list of yacht ports, and a calendar of events for anyone interested in boating.

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