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Let’s Discover Latvian Heritage!


Almost 90 agricultural tourism entrepreneurs have already received the culture mark “Latvian Heritage”.

The agricultural tourism association “Lauku ceļotājs” awarded this mark for the first time 4 years ago in cooperation with the Ministry of Culture of Latvia and the Latvian Association of Local and Regional Governments. The establishment of the culture mark “Latvian Heritage” was based on a wish to draw particular attention to rural entrepreneurs who preserve and popularise the cultural heritage of Latvia presenting it to travellers and tourists.

At the end of 2017, the mark “Latvian Heritage” was awarded to 16 agricultural tourism entrepreneurs, making 88 holdings that have already received this mark.

Latvia is a land of hard-working and generous go-getters who respect the traditions of their ancestors and are still loyal to them nowadays. This truth describes the people living in all the regions of Latvia: be that the preparation of a Latvian dish and celebration of holidays, practising of ancient crafts or even an exotic occupation, for instance, making of birch-bark trumpets.

In 2017, the culture mark was awarded to the trumpet master Jurijs Ivanovs living in Zilupe Municipality, in the border area. The master understands well that nowadays many ancient trades are no longer necessary; however, in his opinion, we should not forget the knowledge of our ancestors. Within approximately 20 years, Jurijs Ivanovs’ rural house has become a popular place among tourists, where they can not only get to know the work of the trumpet master and try treating trumpets themselves but also get an idea of the blacksmith’s work and the aluminium-melting process.

One of the latest award winners is the beekeeper Aivars Radziņš from Viecpiebalga Municipality, who was awarded the culture mark for popularising bee-keeping skills. Although Vecpiebalga Municipality is rich in tourism sites, for example, museums, the number of Aivars Radziņš’ visitors is growing. The beekeeper thinks this is due to the fact that his offer is strongly different from that usually found in museums.

Ināra Mālkalne from the farm “Blūdži” in Jelgava Municipality received the culture mark “Latvian Heritage” for popularising traditional caraway cheese. The farmer doesn’t work alone — she has a team. Her older son started to make cheese, while the younger one is baking authentic rural bread.

Aldis Pušpurs who manages the Egļava Forestry Museum in Balvi Municipality was awarded the culture mark for popularising forestry traditions. In his opinion, we should not allow the achievements of previous generations to be forgotten. The designer skills of ancient artisans were amazing and their created items were truly beautiful; therefore, Aldis Pušpurs believes that we should speak about that.

All rural holdings that have received the culture mark “Latvian Heritage” are available at