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Let's fly like eagles across the picturesque River Gauja!


If you would like to challenge yourself on holidays, Sigulda is best suited for that purpose.

You cannot deny that Sigulda already has many strengths. It is very close to Riga. Mother Nature has bestowed a lot on Sigulda: the restless River Gauja that weaves its way through the scenic valley, the mysterious sandstone caves, etc., etc.

Turaida Museum Reserve provides a view into ancient history; folk songs are sung on Folk Song Hill...

The beautiful Sigulda is also a real centre for adventure tourism offering ever new and more exciting tests.

Rush of adrenaline; a breeze of wind in the hair; unforgettable scenery; and a complete sense of freedom. Of course, courage is required, but otherwise everything is possible.

Already for countless years the Sigulda cable car travels across the River Gauja, and from its windows a marvellous panorama can be seen. As the cable car stops at the height of 43 metres, you can go bungee jumping from it. Since this activity was offered first in 1992, the challenging jump has been performed by more than 100 thousand locals and visitors.

But now there is an excellent novelty: the Zipline, a "real" flight of eagle across the River Gauja with outstretched arms as wings. Fly calmly and majestically, enjoying each moment of flight and sending a shout of joy to the world.

Sigulda, the pearl of Vidzeme region, has long been a place for speed and flying. Bobsleigh and luge track is there, having raised the strong generations of Latvian athletes competing in bobsleigh, skeleton and luge competitions. European and world level competitions are held here, and it is one of the rare places open to tourists as well. It offers an opportunity both to look at the track of Sigulda and step into the shoes of the athletes by going down the track in a luge or Vučko soft bob.

A visible business card of Sigulda is the wind tunnel "Aerodium" that offers an opportunity to fly like a bird. Let the strong gust of wind lift you into the sky and enjoy the flight!

"Aerodium" of Sigulda has been recognised as the best open type wind tunnel in the world. Its team says: "Our mission is to make people happy, so we make the flying available to everyone."

Active people, including families with children, can spend the time well in activities offered by the adventure parks of Sigulda – "Tarzāns" and "Mežakaķis". Sigulda also has the tower of courage "VELLS!" – a structure built out of the strongest trees of Latvia and reaching the height of a nine-storey building; on it you can climb to the very sky and then fly downwards, securely tied to the ropes, of course.

You will need more than one day to have a taste of the active tourism offers in Sigulda. Especially if you will want to be able do something else as well in this beautiful place, for example, to visit the new soccergolf park.

Riga and Gauja region, and thus also Sigulda, has been awarded the title of European Gastronomy Region this year. So, if you come to Sigulda, definitely plan some time for tasting a good meal as well. It will be delicious!