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LIAA tourism marketing campaign nominated for the "World Travel Awards"


For the 25th time the most outstanding achievements in the global tourism and hospitality sector will be established, and this year the joint digital marketing project of the LIAA Tourism Department and the Nordic Travel Bloggers will be among the best in Europe.

Already right now it is possible for each of us to vote on the website, thus expressing liking and support for our own country's tourism and the LIAA Tourism Department's skilful work - to actively use the digital marketing resources appropriate to the spirit of the era and to involve international partners in achievement of its goals.

The high-profile industry award "World Travel Award" was created in 1993 to find out the world's top achievements in travel, tourism and hospitality sector, to  reward top professionals in the sector and to delight in the success of the them and the whole sector.

Awards are given in different categories and scales. The Latvian tourism project is nominated in the category "Europe's Leading Tourism Development Project 2018".

The application for the "#LatviaRoadTrip" competition was prepared by the LIAA Tourism Department jointly with the Nordic Travel Bloggers or Nordic TB, confirming that the joint effort to popularize Latvian tourism offerings has been very successful.

Lelde Beņķe, the senior expert of LIAA Tourism Department says: "We are very glad and honoured that our application was welcomed by an international jury and now this application has been put to the vote. Participation in this competition opens the door to reaching a wider audience. "

The Latvian tourism development project submitted for the competition is based on the digital marketing campaign "#LatviaRoadTrip", during which Nordic bloggers travelled to Kurzeme, Vidzeme and Latgale on various routes and times.

The sights and experiences in Latvia have turned into publications on the blogging sites of the participants in this travel and are widely reflected in the most popular social networks (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc.). A video was also created in co-operation with Storytravelers.

Nordic bloggers in their publications have expressed their satisfaction with Latvia as a travel-worthy, unique land, people of which are living in close contact with nature and faithful to past traditions.

The Nordic bloggers’ visits organized by the LIAA Tourism Department have also received great support from regional and district tourism representatives and service providers, making sure the important role of the digital marketing in today's world and gaining experience in using it. See.

For example, the video of the Swedish blogger Lola Akinmade Akerstrama devoted to Latgale / in total was viewed over 800 minutes.

The European Award Ceremony for the “World Travel Awards” will take place on 30 June this year in the capital of Greece, Athens.