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Magnetic Latvia at Riga International Airport


The Magnetic Latvia Business Information Centre will offer consultations on tourism and business opportunities in Latvia. 

Riga International Airport is the first place where foreign guests of Latvia get impressions about our country. The goal of the Magnetic Latvia Business Information Centre is to address our guests by creating an image of Latvia as a versatile, modern, innovative and European-oriented country.

The Business Information Centre brings together both traditional values ​​and achievements in economy and culture, including the elements that characterize Latvia, products produced, information about the investment environment and tourism opportunities.

In the wide representative premises where representatives of foreign companies are staying at the airport as transit passengers or are ready to leave Latvia, they will be able to receive on the spot consultations from the Investment and Development Agency of Latvia (LIAA) about our country, including the most attractive tourist attractions in Latvia.

On the back wall of the hall there is displayed a large screen, which shows films with stories about our people, nature, art, business, culture, traditions and tourism offer.

The centre also has two meeting rooms, which can be combined into one larger conference room. It offers holding of seminars, meetings or broader presentations.

In the centre on the basis of prior request and agreement foreign clients will have meetings with Latvian businessmen, as well as in-depth consultations with LIAA specialists on various topics.

In the main room of the Business Information Centre there are displayed interior elements characterizing Latvia – trees made from high-quality veneer, produced in Latvia, which are harmoniously complemented by a wide exhibition of Latvian design objects that introduces visitors to the works of local greatest designers.

It is planned that over three years the centre will be visited by more than 280 thousand guests of the Riga airport, among them more than 5,000 representatives of business and foreign delegations.

The Business Information Centre at the Riga International Airport will work until at least October 2020.