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Museum of Energy open Saturdays and Sundays in summer


In the summer season, the Museum of Energy in Ķegums welcomes visitors every day, including Saturdays and Sundays, and an English speaking guide is available. The museum provides insight into energy production processes and their history in Latvia. Upon prior booking, visitors are invited to explore the fully functional hydroelectric power plant.

Did you know that the hydroelectric power plant in Pļaviņas is second in the European Union in terms of production capacity? Did you know that the first tram line in the Baltics was established in Liepāja in the late 19th century? Did you know that, in order to save the Daugava river bends in the 1980s, protesters stopped the construction of a hydroelectric power plant in Daugavpils? Many interesting facts about Latvia’s achievements and energy industry await museum visitors.

The main museum building houses a detailed exhibition of archive materials, such as a photo of the laying of the foundations of the impressive Ķegums power plant in 1937, images of electrical workers and their overloaded bicycles which they used to transport their tools, and a collection of dielectric accessories.

On the second floor, a temporary exhibition showcases 20th century household appliances, among which the design masterpiece that is the “Saturnas” vacuum cleaner. Back in the day, vacuum cleaners were given names of celestial bodies!

Also on show is a collection of prepaid electricity meters with coin slots. Users had to pay to get access to the grid. Visitors will also appreciate artist Juris Dimiters’ posters, designed in the 1990s to advise people of electrical safety. Alongside the main building are two pavilions housing heavier electrical equipment.

Before or after touring the museum complex, visitors are invited to book a tour of the actual Ķegums hydroelectric power plant. A professional guide will lead the group through the building and introduce visitors to the 1930s and 1970s architectural and engineering achievements.

Individual visitors are welcome to drop in at any time during the museum’s working hours, while groups of ten or more people are asked to book ahead. In case of not booking a guide or a guide not being available, visitors can download a museum guide app.

Guided tours of the power plant must be booked in advance at least three working days before the planned visit. From October to April, the museum is only open on working days.