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New inhabitants of Tervete Nature Park: tropical butterflies


Tervete Nature Park is still one of the most popular tourist destinations in Latvia, and in its vicinity, there are many other exciting visitor attractions.

What should we begin with: Dwarf yard, Dwarf village or Dwarf city? Or maybe we should first visit the Witch Forest, meet the Forest King or greet the favourite fairy tale character Spriditis (Tom Thumb)?

There are many options in Tervete Nature Park, and three hours will pass by unnoticed. Each step in the park promises to provide surprises and unexpected meetings. In the park, you can see not only wooden sculptures of favourite book characters, but also meet them 'live'.

Above the tops of slender pine trees stands almost a 40-metre tall wooden viewing tower. The most courageous visitors of the park can try the "Skyways of the Lucky Land", a ropes course set up at the height of 8-10 metres.

Fairytale Train makes its rounds through the park; and when your belly begins to complain, you can find delicious food at "Lutausa galds" or other cafes.

Tervete Nature Park is one of the places you could visit repeatedly, and yet every time find some novelties. And this time the novelty comes in the form of tropical butterflies from the South America, Asia and Africa who are housed in their own Butterfly House with colourful plants, birds, fish, and turtles.

Families with children are welcomed the most in Tervete Nature Park; however, all other visitors will also feel good in it. Moreover, not only in the park itself, but also elsewhere in Tervete.

Tervete municipality is one of the most picturesque in Latvia, its plains decorated by the valleys of the Tervete, Svete, Auce and other rivers, as well as hills. Friends of nature will be met by beautiful scenery and old trees. Oldest and tallest pine trees in Latvia grow in the park of old pines.

Visitors who are interested in history can embark on a real journey to the past as they visit Tervete. In olden times, this place had been a mighty centre of Semigallians who fought the longest – up to the 13th century – for their political and economic independence in the territory of Latvia. 

Tervete castle hill is one of the greatest in the lands of ancient Balts. Intense battles with the crusaders of Livonian Order took place here.

Opposite to the castle hill, the wooden Tervete castle of the 12th century has been built, where the exhibition of the 9th - 13th century Semigallian material culture may be viewed.

The riches of Tervete should surely include also many other possibilities to collect unforgettable impressions, for example, peony and tulip gardens, horse-farm, beer brewery, bakery, etc.