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New offer for nature photographers


Starting this year, nature photographers and fellow enthusiasts can experience a new type of workshop in Latvia – Photography from a floating hide. Specialist tour operator Dabas tūres runs the workshops twice a year during the spring and autumn bird migration periods.

Each workshop lasts eight days, five of which are spent taking photos from the floating hides and three – in the fields and forests surrounding the picturesque workshop location near Lake Lubāns in East Latvia.

The day starts with a session in the morning light and ends with a session in the evening light. Throughout the day, participants analyse the process and results. When taking photos from the floating hide, the photographer has to actually stand in water which is a unique experience.

Ilze Vilšķērste, the manager of Dabas tūres explains why she decided to launch the workshop programme: “Latvia has all the right conditions for taking excellent photos of water birds. There’s a huge variety of species in our ponds and the ponds are suitable for wading through with hides. We’re also able to offer quality accommodation for photographers and birdwatchers right nearby.”

Participants must have their own wet suit and shoes for wading through the ponds, as well as equipment fasteners. The hides are rented out by MrJanGear whose director Jan Goddefroy is an experienced nature photographer and leads the workshops in Latvia.

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