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New & tasty tourist destination – Riga Beer District


There are available at least 100 “craft” beers made in Latvia and the Baltic states, and anyone can try them during guided tours or individually.

Riga Beer District unifies a number of Latvian small beer producers and innkeepers, who wish to present to beer lovers the diverse offer of our breweries.

Miera street neighbourhood, which already bears the status of a creatively stylish place, has become even more attractive with the establishing of the beer district. Historically, three famous breweries (“Bier - und Porterbrauerei und Malzfabrik C. Stritzky”, “C. L. Kymmel” and “Bierbrauerei Gust. Kuntzendorff”) were located there already 100 years ago, and there are huge underground basements in this place, where the beverages of “Latvijas Balzams” mature today.

Aigars Rungis, the owner of “Valmiermuiža Brewery” (“Valmiermuižas alus darītava”) and the initiator of the Beer District, tells: “Latvia is a land, where the beer is highly estimated and where new flavours, unique to this region, are constantly discovered. 100 years ago, Riga was the North European citadel of brewing but today craft beer breweries sprout up in Latvia. In the last five years, the number of small breweries has grown by 73 % in Europe, whereas in Latvia, 2 new small breweries have joined the business during the last two years, and the craft beer share amounts to already 24 % of our market."

In Riga Beer District, nine pubs offer craft beer brewed in Latvia and the Baltic states; each of them has its own character, and some of them come complete with their own brewery. They are: “Valmiermuiža Brewery’s” Beer Embassy in Riga, breweries “Labietis”, “Alķīmiķis” and “Ziemeļu Enkurs”, as well as friends, nearby pubs “Vest”, “Walters & Grappa”, “Taka”, “Zobens un Lemess”, and “Autentika”.

“Celebrating Latvia's centenary, Riga Beer District offers to get to know the real taste of Latvian beer and to enjoy the beer sorts cherished by beer masters in a special atmosphere, which the real beer lovers will appreciate. This is a new concept to promote tourism and Latvian beer exports to other countries in the Baltic Sea region and beyond. Our goal is to turn Riga into the craft beer capital of Northern Europe,” says Aigars Ruņģis.

It is no secret that in recent years Riga gains more and more popularity as an important tourist destination for quality food lovers. Latvia historically has been a beer city as well, and experts agree, that Riga Beer District with its excellent location, offers and atmosphere will make our capital city a desirable tourist destination also for those who consider themselves beer fans.

The Beer District comes forward with both organised guided excursions and anybody can create own routes to explore the diversity of craft beer. 
A guided beer tour takes 3 hours, the programme includes five beer spots, where nine different beers with matching snacks can be tasted in pubs and breweries. The guided tour is offered in Latvian, Russian or English.

On the occasion of the Beer District opening, “Valmiermuiža Brewery” has created a novelty – Riga Beer District Porter, which in limited quantities will be available only in “Valmiermuiža Brewery’s” Beer Embassy in Riga and in pubs of the Beer District.

The founders of the Beer District have signed a manifesto, committing to promote the beer enjoying culture in Latvia, to honour the genuine craftsmanship, to promote the production development and quality of beer brewed in Latvia, to encourage openness by brewing the beer honestly and presenting all of its ingredients, to introduce the originality of Latvian beers to the Riga city guests and to bring the taste Latvia to the world, as well as to support the cooperation of small brewers and innkeepers and the crafts' organization.

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