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Next year will be very delicious in Latvia


Rīga-Gauja Region, which holds the title of the European Region of Gastronomy 2017, will offer an extensive and rich programme throughout all four seasons.

The grand event to start the Year of the European Region of Gastronomy will take place on 14 January in Riga, whereas on 28 January — at the beauty of Gauja National Park — Sigulda.

The programme of the European Region of Gastronomy in Latvia is based on the concept “Nature Served on a Plate”, accenting the local, seasonal and fresh products used in cooking a meal (right from the field or garden — on the table or stove).

“Next year will be very delicious in Latvia! We have created an interesting programme in collaboration with our partners. We have created special menus at restaurants, as well as master classes and new tourism projects,” accents the Head of Riga Tourism Development Bureau Vita Jermoloviča.

Several dozens of events will be held in Riga, Sigulda, Cēsis, and Valmiera throughout the entire year. The annual festivals of the mentioned four towns are expected to be in particular delicious.

The widely popular Restaurant Weeks will be organised in May and October in Riga, in April and November — in Sigulda, and the Restaurant Week will be organised in Valmiera for the first time.

Restaurant visitors outside Riga will be offered special menus, accenting the local produce and products. Degustations and master classes will be organised as well.

Excellent chefs will be giving master classes at the Riga Central Market, which is one of the most popular tourist sites. In order to learn about Latvian market traditions and national cuisine, to enjoy a delicious meal and shop, the guests of our country will be invited not only to visit the Riga Central Market, but also, for example, the Latvian Homemade Grocery Market “Ar gardu muti” in Valmiermuiža, Simjūda fair in Valmiera, etc.

A two-day expedition “Tūkstošgadīgais mežs” (Millennial Forest) is an incredible new supplement to the programme — you will have a chance to learn about forest animals, acquire camp arrangement principles and other useful skills. Medical plants will be collected during the hike “Meža garša” (Forest Flavour), whereas the hike around Lake Raiskums will turn into a “delicious” memory.

“Gastronomy Film Festival” will take place from 20 March until 26 March and the music and gastronomy master class will take place during the European Choir Games in summer. Furthermore, the annual contemporary arts festival held in Cēsis will include a special gastronomy-related programme. During the event the attention of Latvian artists will be drawn by such product as meat.

On 27 May, a special restaurant in Sigulda will be welcoming the little gourmands.