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The number of visitors at the Riga Zoo continues to grow


This place is especially attractive to children, but the parents can also have a wonderful time there.

The Riga Zoo is located in one of the capital's greenest neighbourhoods - Mežaparks, on the coast of Lake Ķīšezers. This is already reason enough for the city's residents and guests to enjoy visiting this place, so suitable for leisurely recreation.

The Riga National Zoo's birthday is October 14th, 1912. This means that the Zoo has already developed considerably and now is able to delight visitors with 380 animal species.

At the same time, our Zoo may be considered fairly new, because there are several Zoos in Europe that have reached a much more respectable age. The Riga Zoo continues to evolve, and from time to time a new animal-dwelling is created, or an existing one is upgraded.

Since 1992, the Riga Zoo is a member of the European Zoo and Aquarium Association and is among Europe's 100 best zoos.

Last year, the Riga Zoo was visited by more than 336 thousand visitors, which is one of the best attendance figures in recent years.

This year, it seems, there will not be a decrease of visitors, because, especially for children, getting to know the animal kingdom is very exciting and cognitively significant. The Giraffe house, the Tropical house, the Tiger's lair- these are only some of the most popular visitation places in the Riga Zoo.

The Farmstead's visitors can get acquainted with traditional Latvian domestic animals and not only see them up close, but also stroke or pet them. Lambs, rabbits, piglets and other domestic baby-animals will make everyone smile.

Pines grow in the spacious garden and their soothing rustle makes one forget the everyday rush and tension. Mežaparks with the Riga Zoo and Ķīšezers is an excellent choice for those who wish to feel close to nature in our green Capital.

The Riga Zoo also has an external branch "Cīruļi" in the Aizpute region, Kurzeme. Also in "Cīruļi" - the number of visitors is growing. Last year it was visited by more 15 thousand vacationers, particularly – by families with children.