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“Positivus 2018” features - Nick Cave, The Prodigy and other stars


For the first time the popular music festival “Positivus” was held 11 years ago, but now it would be hard to imagine a summer without this festival, not only in Latvia, but also in the whole of the Baltics.

This year the festival will take place from July 20 to July 22, and on the stage, like other years, the bright music stars will perform. This summer one of the most prominent musicians will be the Australian artist Nick Cave or “Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds”.

In Salacgriva there will also perform the legendary British band "The Prodigy", which will delight us not only with compositions included in the latest, i.e.

, the album released in 2015, but also with classical treasures such as Voodoo People, Firestarter, etc..

Among the prominent musicians we will also hear Swedish pop singer Tovi Lo, who has inspired music critics to name her the saddest girl in Sweden. "Positivus" will feature also the wunderkind of electronics - "Mura Masa", who is born in Guernsey, and one of the most sought after new American music stars "Lauv".

The Canadian association of brothers “The Barr Brothers” will perform with energy charging music, where in their postfolk compositions there will be featured different authentic instruments almost from all around the world.

If, however, someone still wants to ask - what is Positivus?, the answer is simple. The festival "Positivus" is the hidden treasure of the Baltics, which is deposited in the picturesque Latvian coastal town Salacgriva.

Surrounded by woods, the idyllic relaxation place on the seashore offers to thousands of visitors for 3 full days in presence to enjoy the performances of both world famous artists and still young and unknown music talents.

Renowned for its loose and relaxed atmosphere the ”Positivus” festival provides a rich array of artistic and musical choices.

The quiet coastal town Salacgriva, located 100 kilometres from Riga, on the days of the festival becomes the destination of popular music "pilgrims", bringing in uncommon colours and lives at the Vidzeme coast.

Tickets for "Positivus" are worthy to buy right now  or, as ticket prices increase with the festival approaching.