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Prison of Karosta – in the Spotlight of Media Attention


Inhabitants of Liepāja invite you to the “Isolator of Temporary Detention”

Now an hour-long movie will talk about the Prison of Karosta in Liepāja to viewers in Canada, video is filmed this spring about extreme adventures for the lovers of “Lonely Planet” as part of the broad project created by the photographer from Portugal.

That is not all. Journalists from different countries regularly want to visit the Prison of Karosta, which is one of the most surprising and most unusual hotels on the globe. US Ghost Hunters (Ghost Hunters International) have named the Prison of Karosta as the most ghost obsessed place in the world.

We can say without exaggeration – Karosta of Liepāja – is definitely a special place due to various reasons.

Prison of Karosta is the only military prison in Europe that is opened for tourists. The building of Karosta Prison was constructed in around 1900 and it has always been a dark place where destinies of humans were broken and free spirits oppressed. Powers changed and with them prisoners also changed – revolutionaries, seafarers and non-commissioned officers from the navy of the Imperial Russia, runaways from the German Wehrmacht, “enemies of the state” from the Stalin period and soldiers of the Latvian Army, as well as others who did not obey the ruling power. The last writings left on the walls of the prison cells by real prisoners were made really recently – in 1997.

Since the Prison of Karosta has become an object of tourism, it has managed to fascinate people with various interests. Both those attracted by history and the century old fortress building with underground mazes, and those who lack excitement in their daily life and who are, for example, thrilled by the Spy Game “Escape from the USSR”.

Last year the owners of Karosta Prison opened the first Escape Room that gained huge popularity within a short period of time. Imagine that you are locked up in a room and you have to get out of this room at any cost (by solving some available tasks and some tasks you have to find first) within 60 minutes!

This year Karosta offers another novelty - “Isolator of Temporary Detention”. Some friendly advice: when you apply to the “isolator”, keep in mind that there are different unexplainable phenomenon observed in the Prison of Karosta – banging steps, the sudden disappearance of light bulbs, opening of closed prison cells, even the appearance of imaginary images in the corridors of the prison …