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Registration for the Biggest Marathon in the Baltics Is Now Open


This running event in Riga will be special as it is going to take place in the year of the Latvia’s 100th anniversary. 

The first Riga Marathon took place in 1991. Since then, “Lattelecom Riga Marathon”, which can be confidently called a running festivity thanks to the enormous and sincere responsiveness of its participants, has become somewhat a hallmark of Riga and an integral part of spring in the capital.

Birds are signing, trees are coming into leaf, pleasant smell is in the air, and beautiful, hoar City of Riga (founded in the 13th century) is filling up with big and small running lovers.

Professionals think of the ways to reach their best results, while families and children enjoy the fun of going in for sports together.

In 2018, “Lattelecom Riga Marathon” will take place on 19-20 May. The atmosphere will be special as we are going to celebrate the 100th birthday of Latvia. The announcement of the launch of participant registration gathered running enthusiasts next to the Freedom Monument, in the very heart of Riga, to create a symbolic contour of Latvia and take a group photo as memento. 

During the anticipated 100th anniversary marathon, runners will be offered the classic marathon distance of 42.195 km, semi-marathon distance, as well as 10 km and 6 km distances. The Family Run will be 3.6 km long, while the Rimi Kids’ Days distances will be waiting for the smallest runners.

Just as before, athletes and running enthusiasts from different countries will arrive for the Bronze Label Marathon — the only marathon certified by IAAF (International Association of Athletics Federations) in the Northern Europe. It is expected that those might be over 6,000 foreign guests from almost 70 countries. 

It is to be added that running in Riga and elsewhere in Latvia has been a popular physical exercise already back when Riga Marathon did not exist. In mid-1980ies, Marathon Days were organised in Riga and athletes used to run marathon at many championships of Latvia. However, the first bigger mass marathons are considered to be Folk Song Marathons which gathered a rather great number of runners. Approximately 10,000 persons participated in the first Folk Song Marathon.

This year, i.e. 2017, the number of Lattelecom Riga Marathon participants exceeded 32 thousand. The number of foreign runners hit the record: almost 4 thousand, which was 20 percent more than in 2016. The majority of foreign marathon participants arrived from our neighbouring countries, Great Britain, Germany, Finland, France and Italy.

1,940 participants ran the classic marathon, while the majority of runners chose the 6 km distance — over 10 thousand. As usually, small participants of the Rimi Kids’ Days Runs (over 7 thousand) were in a particularly cheerful mood.

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