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Residents of Ventspils say: we have the best camping in Latvia


In the course of fifteen years, Ventspils Piejūras Kempings has served more than 120 thousand visitors.

Ventspils Piejūras Kempings, accommodation popular among the tourists, is located almost 3 kilometres from the city centre and only 600 metres from the Baltic Sea.

Ventspils Piejūras Kempings received its first visitors on 3 August 2001, but prior to that enormous amounts of work were invested in order to study the experience of the Swedish colleagues.

During the Soviet times Ventspils was not seen as a tourist destination, and the offer of accommodation was scarce.

Since the independence, this port city has acquired a completely new image, one that is attractive to the tourists. Quite deservedly Ventspils is seen as one of the most family-friendly cities in Europe; it is considered especially hospitable towards family tourists.

Seeing that the guests need quality accommodation, but no offer was forthcoming from the local entrepreneurs, Piejūras Kempings was formed by the local government of the city.   Residents of Ventspils acknowledge that initially they had very little understanding of what a good camping is, so they had learned almost from scratch.

Over the last years, Piejūras Kempings has become a popular place of accommodation serving already more than 120 thousand holidaymakers from more than 30 countries.

Initially the territory of the camping covered approximately 8 hectares of the green area of the city, but now it has been expanded to 10 hectares. 33 of 43 cottages are equipped with heating, and it means that you can spend your vacation in Ventspils also in winter.

You should not be worried about boredom setting in during the off-season. Ventspils is one of the places where various opportunities for recreation are offered in every season. Those who relish in winter joys may go to the artificially created hill Lemberga Hūte or go skating; the inquisitive ones may visit the city museum located in the medieval castle, but those who prefer recreation in water may go to the water amusement park, etc.

Piejūras Kempings repeatedly has received the European eco-label "Green Key", and the residents of Ventspils consider it to be the best camping in the whole country. It should be mentioned though, that comfortable and hospitable camping sites are available elsewhere in Latvia as well, especially in the Vidzeme region.

You can find more information on our camping sites on the website of Association of Campsites of Latvia