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Riga International Airport has a new aircraft stand


Now both the level of comfort and the capacity of passanger handling has increased.

By the construction of the northern stand a major step has been taken to make the passangers of Riga International Airport feel more comfortable and to increase the number of the passengers significantly.

The two floors of the new stand offer the passengers 19 new boarding sectors, three aircraft bridges, two new shops and five cafes, playgrounds for children, as well as waiting rooms. The total area of the northern stand is almost 10 thousand square metres; with the rooms for arriving passengers and the gallery connecting the terminals, which were built already a little earlier, the area amounts to more than 17 thousand square metres.

Owing to the possibilities of the new stand, Riga Airport is ready to handle long-range flights from the viewpoint of both the technical issues and passenger comfort.  As the airport is becoming a regional transit centre, a further increase in the number of transit passengers is expected: even now, these account for 27% of all the passengers.  For passengers on long flights, the new stand offers a spacious transit zone, while the hydrant system installed around the stand for direct fuel supply will make it faster to fuel up large aircraft.  New aircraft stands are located close to the terminal, allowing passengers easier and faster access into the aircraft, with less use of busses.

The author of the project of the new stand is one of the most successful architect offices in Latvia, SIA ARHIS ARHITEKTI. The architectural image of the building and its interior solutions continue with the principles already used in other expansion projects of the airport: as much transparency as possible, good room navigation, wide, integrated, unrestricted spaces, linkage between the indoor premises and the adjoining outdoor space. A maximum possible amount of natural and sustainable materials were used for the project, creating an architecturally and stylistically unified airport complex.

Riga International Airport continues to grow and develop as it becomes established as one of the leading airports in the Baltic States and the whole Northern Europe. Currently Riga Airport handles more than 5 million passengers a year, but the plans are in place to increase this number to 7 million passengers a year.