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Riga International Airport has welcomed a record amount of passengers


In 2015 Riga International Airport welcomed 5.16 million passengers, or 7.2 % more than the previous year.

Meanwhile, the record of 2011 when the airport welcomed 5.1 million passengers was beaten. 

The State Secretary of the Ministry of Transport Kaspars Ozolins emphasises: “Riga International Airport finished the year 2015 with a new client record. It is a new achievement of the personnel of the airport and also of the main operator in Riga International Airport – the Latvian national airline “airBaltic” that provides travel possibilities to more than 60 destinations.”

SJSC Riga International Airport Chairman of the Board Andris Liepins admits: “This year’s airport activities were positively influenced by the general growth of the Latvian economy and therefore the growth of private financial means that were spent on travelling. Additionally, the aviation service costs were positively affected by the relatively low fuel prices. Another positive factor is the attractiveness of Riga and Latvia as a travel destination. These were the preconditions for the commencement of several new airlines in Riga and also for the opening of new available destinations that continuously improved the passenger amount.”

The Chief Executive Officer of the airline “airBaltic” Martins Gauss also expresses his satisfaction with the increase of the airport’s served passenger amount: “It is with great satisfaction that we acknowledge this record client amount, because in Latvia the aviation comprises 3% of the Gross Domestic Product and helps to maintain 2% of the total actual employment. This year “airBaltic” actively promoted these processes by implementing 14 new destinations in the Baltic region, which is our largest extension since the end of the restructuring and the regaining of profit. Next year we will continue the activities begun by offering a new destination to Reykjavik and by improving the connections with Baltic Sea region destinations, for instance, by serving Stockholm up to as much as five times a day.”

Last year the most popular destinations from Riga International Airport were London, Moscow, Frankfurt, Oslo and Helsinki. Thus the most popular destination countries where passengers went from Riga were Germany, Great Britain, Russia, Norway and Finland.

Riga International Airport is the largest air transport hub in the Baltic states. In the winter season Riga International Airport offers 69 destinations, but in the summer season – 89. The flights are maintained by 21 airlines.