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Riga International Airport sets a new record


More than 6 million passengers served by the end of 2017.

Riga International Airport has reached record high number of passengers by the end of 2017: more than 6 million passengers have been served.

The extensive investments in the airport infrastructure over recent years – modernizing the landing field and improving the passenger service – have made Riga more attractive to both airlines and travellers than before.

In 2017, Riga International Airport increased the number of passengers by 12% as well as raised the amount of cargo transported by a fourth.

Riga International Airport continues to reinforce its position as a strategic hub airport: the number of passengers has increased by 30% in this sector during the past year.

Ilona Līce, the president of the executive board of SJSC Riga International Airport said: “It became certain in summer already that this would be a particularly successful year. For instance, the number of passengers in July exceeded 646 thousand which means almost 21 thousand passengers were served per day. The intensive activity was the reason Riga International Airport entered the top five fastest growing airports in Europe this summer.”

In order to offer more opportunities for shopping and other services a reconstruction was carried out in the departure zone in 2017 and different new shops and cafes opened as well as completely new services provided - SPA and beauty salon and a hair salon for men.

“I am very satisfied that the airport is becoming more and more appealing to not only passengers but also airlines. Almost 20 new destinations were offered from Riga International Airport in 2017. Several airlines have already announced the new flight routes available from 2018: to Lisbon, Kutaisi, Gdansk, Bordeaux, Malaga etc. We hope our passengers appreciate this and choose our airport over and over again,” Ilona Līce said.

Riga International Airport is the largest airport in the Baltic states. It offers to reach more than 70 destinations in winter season and almost 90 destinations in summer season provided by 20 airlines. Over an 11-month-period in 2017 Riga International Airport served more than 5.6 million passengers which makes almost 45 % of the total number of passengers in the Baltic states.